Do You Need To Lease A More Suitable Car For Winter?

Last Updated: 11th Jul 2017
Do You Need To Lease A More Suitable Car For Winter?

21st December 2016

When winter comes, not all cars are suitable to drive, especially if it snows or becomes icy. City cars and superminis are not designed to drive in those hazardous conditions. The best cars designed to survive ice and snow all have four-wheel drive systems to avoid getting stuck or slipping. Cars with front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are at risk in those conditions.

We have four great suggestions for you and you can get these brilliants cars on cheap PCP deals. The best thing about these cars is whilst they are great for surviving winter, they are perfect for every other season of the year.

Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is one of the most affordable 4X4s on the road. The entry level Duster starts at £9,496 and is available on car finance. So, let’s get the downfalls out the way. Because of the affordable price, you will not get high-quality materials for the interior or an advanced infotainment system you may expect in some of these more expensive cars.

 Dacia Duster out on the road

The Dacia Duster comes with two engines on offer. A petrol engine available for the entry-level Dusters only and a diesel engine. The 1.6-litre petrol engine offers 114 bhp. With that power, it accelerates from 0-60 mph in 11 seconds, which is an impressive time for the price. It also has a top speed of 105 mph.

The 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine produces 109 bhp, has a top speed of 105 mph and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 11.8 seconds. This model is also the greenest engine on offer. You only have to pay £130 road tax for it compared to the petrol’s £220 tax. You get a combined fuel economy of 64.2 mpg, an extra urban fuel economy of 66 mpg and an urban fuel economy of 63 mpg. Overall, with the diesel engine you get great fuel economy for an excellent affordable price.

Dacia Duster's boot

Thanks to the 4X4 system that is available with the Duster, this car becomes a capable off-road car meaning it can easily cope with snow and ice. The Duster is firmly planted with pronounced body movements and the light steering means you can take it easy when driving.

Skoda Octavia Scout

The Skoda Octavia Estate is a brilliant car. But if you want the version that will survive the winter conditions, check out the Octavia Scout. It is a more off-road focus that could handle the risky, rugged, snowy terrain. Reviewers have said that on those slippery terrains, the Scout handles them smoothly thanks to the all-wheel drive system generating enough traction for when you need it most.

Blue Skoda Octavia Scout

Under the Scout’s bonnet, you will find a four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engine producing 184 bhp. With the engine coupled with an automatic gearbox, the Scout can hit a top speed of 134 mph and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds. When it isn’t snowing or icy or even winter, this car is fast and reliable and great for every other time of year.

This rugged off-roader offers an impressive fuel economy as well. It comes with a combined fuel economy of 56.5 mpg, an urban fuel economy of 50 mpg and an extra urban fuel economy of 61 mpg. Where ever you are driving it, the running costs will be low.

Inside the Octavia Scout, you get plenty of space both in the cabin and in the boot. In the boot, you get 580-litres of boot capacity with the back seats up. That is enough for a shovel, your winter boots, your reflective warning sign and your jump cables. If you drop those seats, it increases to 1,629-litres of boot capacity. That must be enough to squeeze a Christmas tree or two in the back.

In the cabin, you get plenty of space and the seats are made from half leather, half suede-feel material with the Scout logo embossed on them. Every occupant in the car will get an excellent amount of headroom and legroom.

The Scout is known for having all-round body control and the ride is very smooth, especially when cruising. The handling is well controlled and even off-road; it performs very well. Thanks to the four-wheel drive system, you are also rewarded with better traction making it perfect for winter. 

The Skoda Octavia Scout is available now on car lease deals with prices starting from £344 per month dependent upon deposit and credit rating. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport

When it comes to 4X4, off-road vehicles that run brilliantly everywhere, Land Rover takes the crown. Now their replacement for the Freelander, the Discovery Sport, is your best bet for driving safely in the treacherous conditions of winter.

Red Land Rover Discovery Sport

This mid-size SUV comes with seven seats with a spacious interior and comfortable seats. Land Rover have designed the Discovery Sport to focus more on functionality than anything else. Everything inside has a function and it is a very fuss-free cabin. Despite the lack of fuss, the cabin is built from high quality materials and is all well put together.

There are a variety of engines to choose from with regards to the Discovery Sport. However, all the engines come in 2.0-litre editions. The entry-level model is the 2.0 TD4 SE edition. Its 2.0-litre diesel engine produces 150 bhp and thanks to its coupling with a manual gearbox, it can hit a top speed of 112 mph and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 11 seconds.

The fastest model is the 2.0 TD4 180 HSE model. This engine develops 180 bhp and with that, this Discovery Sport has a top speed of 117 mph and acceleration time of 8.4 seconds from 0-60 mph.

When you drive the Discovery Sport you discover immediately how well tuned it is and what such a good drive it is.

Now with regards to how it will cope in the snow and the ice, Land Rover have given it bundles of grip making it safe and easy to drive in those slippery conditions. This is mostly down to the four-wheel drive system that gives you amazing amounts of traction on the road. Take it out of the winter conditions and the Discovery Sport drives brilliantly, even in the trickiest country roads and is exceptional on the motorway.

Rear of the Land Rover Discovery Sport

Don’t worry about space inside. All seven seats are supportive and comfortable, meaning that all seven passengers will have plenty of headroom and legroom, spreading comfort throughout the vehicle. The driver’s seat is full adjustable meaning you can give yourself the best driving position. You also have plenty of storage space for your scarves, gloves, hats and woolly jumpers.

Audi TT

We’ve had an affordable 4X4 SUV, a premium 4X4 SUV and a rugged estate car. Now let’s talk about one of the best compact sports cars on the market: The Audi TT. You may not think this car could handle what winter can throw at it, however, Audi have given this TT an excellent Quattro four-wheel drive system, meaning it can handle the slippery road surfaces.

Blue Audi TT

The Audi TT Quattro S Line model offers you that four-wheel drive system and a four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing 230 bhp. The car is quick, hitting 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.  It produces a combined fuel economy of 42.8 mpg. It is great on the motorway with an extra urban fuel economy of 50 mpg and city driving is easy with an urban fuel economy of 33 mpg.

Inside the Audi TT you get plenty of space for a sports car. The seats are adjustable and very comfortable, made from Alcantara and leather. Headroom and legroom are nothing to worry about, even for the six-foot adults amongst you.

One of the best things in the cabin is Audi’s Virtual Cockpit which replaces the normal speedometer and rev-counter dials with an entirely digital 12.3-inch display screen.

The Audi TT feels solid and grips the road no matter the conditions. The four-wheel drive system ensures you can take even the slippiest corners at speed without having to worry. You have plenty of grip and traction to handle any of winter’s unexpected conditions. Outside of the winter season, this car is a blindingly good car to drive and you would never be disappointed getting one through a car leasing agreement at Hippo Leasing.

blue Audi TT

Winter has arrived and weather can be unpredictable. There is always a potential for snow and ice and if you live in one of those places that gets it every year, it might be worth considering getting a car that can take snow and ice in its stride.

These are just four excellent cars that could cope with the snow and ice and all of them are available on personal car leasing. Check out what we have in stock and discover the right car for you today.

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