Drive Away Now, Pay Later

Date Posted 5th December 2017
Read Time 1 min read
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We’re almost at the end of 2017, and the season of giving is well and truly upon us! During the festive season, it seems everything is possible; from avocado trends to upside down Christmas trees, to snow filled sleighs! So, at Hippo Leasing, we have decided we would also like to contribute towards making the impossible possible. It will come as no surprise to learn December is the most expensive month of the year for most families. Endless shopping lists of gifts, feasts and fairy lights make the idea of splashing out on a new car seem ludicrous. But wait… what if you could wrap your car plans up now, drive away today, but pay absolutely nothing, until next year, when all the madness has gone away?


We want to make leasing a car available to everyone, and as affordable as ever, even at this time of the year!


For this month only, you can get behind the wheel of your dream car, start using it right away, and pay absolutely nothing until 2018. This is across our entire range, any monthly payment, and even on the no deposit car leasing deals. We have spectacular business lease deals and car deals that include insurance that have just landed. We also have an entire section of car offers just in