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Father’s Day Gifts For Car Mad Dads

Last Updated: 14th Jun 2018
Father’s Day Gifts For Car Mad Dads

14th June 2018

We’ve reached that time of the year when the universal struggle of finding a suitable Father’s Day gift kicks in. Time is running out to buy a thoughtful gift before the impending resort to a ‘world’s best dad’ mug or Homer Simpson socks. No need to panic, we are here to lend a hand if your particular dad is a car mad dad. Get yourself some brownie points with the help of our top picks of the 2018 Father’s Day gifts.

  1. Films

Image result for fast and furious

The trustee gift option. A film offers a chance for families to prep a selection of your dad’s favourite snacks, put your feet up and enjoy two hours away from your phones to cosy around the tele. This year hasn’t been the best for car movies, but 2017 more than made up for it. The most popular release of 2017 was, of course, The Fate of the Furious. From Dom’s beloved charger to Roman’s orange Lamborghini, the latest installation of The Fast and The Furious series has gone beyond hitting the nail on the head with the cars. See more of our favourite cars from the latest Fast and Furious film here.

2. Cordless Vacuum

Although this may initially seem like a dreary present, if your old man takes pride in his car’s looks, this could be the one. Being wireless and handheld, they make a handy gadget for anyone’s garage.

3. Supercar Driving Experience

File:Lamborghini Murcielago lp640 (6705496203).jpg

Give your dads a break from hours of scrolling through videos and pictures of their favourite supercars and give them the real experience. A supercar driving experience, also known as a petrol head’s dream will be sure to bring out your dad’s inner Hammond. Supercar experiences available up and down the country provide the perfect opportunity to get to know the cars of your news feed a little better.

4. Dash Camera

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Unfortunately, even the most careful of drivers sometimes find themselves involved in accidents. Dash cams are small cameras that are secured to the interior of your car and record footage whilst driving so video evidence can be provided in case of an accident. Resolving car crash cases can take months or even years when two conflicting parties are involved. Capturing an accident on camera can often allow matters to be resolved with ease.

5. Car Magazine Subscription

art, close-up, color

A gift that keeps on giving… Give your car fanatic father his best present yet, this once a month gift that lasts a lifetime.

Created by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts, car magazines are packed with the latest car news, new and used car reviews, car buying and owning advice, just all things ‘car talk’. What more could a car lover want?

6. A New Car

Have a spare £100 or more lying around every month? Then splash out on a new car from our range of car lease deals available here. It may not fit in a gift bag, but we’re sure this gift would certainly be fit for any dad out there.

These are some great gift ideas for Father’s Day, but why not give the greatest gift possible this year by leasing a vehicle that will make the dad in your life beam with excitement - and look no further than Hippo Leasing to find it. Call 01254 956666 today to learn more about our extensive range of cars!

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