Ford Ka Facelift(2015): Review

Last Updated: 11th Jul 2017
Ford Ka Facelift(2015): Review

3rd June 2015


It performs incredibly well as a city car: it’s zippy, responsive, and creates and all round enjoyable drive. It does best when making its way round winding urban streets, and its small size makes it easy to park in busy environments. The suspension is great too, making for a very comfortable ride. Although it struggles a little bit on longer journeys, the Ka is surprisingly refined at motorway speeds. The 1.2 litre petrol engine is a little bit noisy at higher speeds, and there’s some road surface and wind noise too, although not too much to be a problem. With the petrol engine you can also get 64.2mpg, which is quite reasonable. It has a top speed of 99mph and can reach 62mph in 13.1 seconds. Overall, it’s an economical and comfortable ride, and much more fun to drive than the Fiat 500.


The interior provides an enjoyable space, and the décor is fun and modern. You can see that the design has a high level of craftsmanship throughout, which is rarely seen in small cars. The dashboard has been simply laid out, and is also nice and simple to use. As for visibility, the high driving position gives drivers a great view of the road, but it would be even better if there were some wheel adjustment options to make the journeys even more comfortable. Space wise, there’s actually a decent amount, considering the small size of the car. It’s roomy up front, and enough so for the passengers in the back too, (although they might not want to spend overly long journeys back there). It’s still definitely a highly comfortable car.


Although the entry level trims could do with some more extras, the tech in the Ka is high quality. One of the more useful additions is power-assisted steering, which only activates when needed, so it uses less energy. The parking sensors are a must-have, especially if you often travel in the city. The sensors coupled with the small car size means that parking is a breeze. There’s also hill start assist, an electronic stability programme (which helps reduce stopping distance in an emergency),an anti-lock braking system and many more options.


If you’re looking for an economical and cheap car leasing choice, which offers an enjoyable drive, then you should definitely consider the Ka. Don’t forget, no deposit car leasing is also an option if you want to drive away in a Ka sooner, without having to save up for a deposit.

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