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Hugo The Hippo Teaches Road Safety In Schools

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Hugo The Hippo Teaches Road Safety In Schools

16th November 2016

Hugo the Hippo has been heading back to school to teach. Hugo with his friends have been visiting schools in Lancashire to help the children understand the dangers of the road and how to safely navigate them correctly. This is because Hugo the Hippo and Hippo Leasing are passionate about cars and everything involved with them. But we also realise that with these vehicles, comes a responsibility to drive them safely. That requires that all road users, including, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians understand the rules.

Hugo wants to make sure that every child, parent, guardian and teacher he meets understands the differences between the Zebra crossing, the Toucan crossing, the Pelican crossing and the Puffin crossing. He would like them to know what they must do if they ever find themselves at those crossings. He also teaches the children what they must do should they find themselves at a road that doesn’t have any marked crossings: Hold the hand of your responsible parent or guardian and check left then right then left again before crossing. Whilst crossing to continually check for oncoming vehicles.

Hugo's Journey

Hugo has taken his friends on a journey to complete this objective. They have been to visit the following schools in order to teach them about road safety:

14/11/2016 St Barnabas C of E Primary School – Darwen
14/11/2016 St Cuthbert’s C of E Primary School – Darwen
14/11/2016 St Johns the Baptist – Padiham
14/11/2016 Barrowford Primary School – Barrowford
14/11/2016 Feniscowles Primary School – Feniscowles
15/11/2016 Bacup Thorn Primary School – Bacup

When Hugo and friends arrive at the schools, the pupils and teachers are very excited to see him. They sit attentively as he talks about the important of road safety and what they do at each crossing. The teachers and pupils take photos with Hugo and give him big hugs as well.

Hugo's Gifts

Hugo also went bearing gifts, made up by the brilliant staff at Hippo Leasing. The children received road safety packs that included an activity booklet with games and activities, like spot the Hippo, all themed around helping the children understand road safety. They received a Hugo stamped set of colouring pencils to fill the booklet in with. For their own additional safety, reflectors have been included that can be put on their coats and bags.

For each class, there will be a small Hugo the Hippo soft toy to help ensure the children remember what Hugo has taught them about road safety. Hopefully, he will sit in the corner of the classroom. The teachers will also receive a pack specifically to help them teach the children about road safety.

Hugo and friend’s journey is not over yet. These are the school still left to visit:

21/11/2016 Shadsworth Infant School – Blackburn
21/11/2016 St Gabriels – Blackburn
21/11/2016 New Longton All Saints – New Longton

If you or anyone else you know would like to know more about our commitment to road safety, then feel free to email is at roadsafety@hippomotorgroup.co.uk or call us on 01254 919000 and press option 5.

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