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NEDC to WLTP: All You Need To Know

Last Updated: 27th Sep 2018
NEDC to WLTP: All You Need To Know

5th July 2018

There has recently been a big shift in the automotive industry, and it can potentially benefit car buyers and leasing customers alike in terms of cost, and that is the switch from NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) to WLTP (Worldwide harmonised Light Vehicle Testing Procedure) - but what is it exactly?

What is NEDC?

Some of you may have heard of NEDC and some not, however, you will be familiar with their work. Currently new car test figures, such as emissions, MPG, range etc. are based on NEDC testing.

Data is accumulated by NEDC using theoretical driving conditions in laboratories, which is where the problem lies. Cars are driven on the road and not in laboratories of course, often resulting in the data collected being inaccurate for everyday driving. It is highly unlikely to manage within even just 10mpg of the ‘official’ figure curated by NEDC, and as a result your quoted mpg will differ from real-life.

The Move From NEDC to WLTP: When? Why?

As of 1st September 2018, a new system called Worldwide harmonised Light Vehicle Testing will come into place, replacing NEDC. WLTP will be using real driving conditions, rather than theoretical conditions to give more accurate results. These tests will also take into account any extras the car may have which can change the driving results (wheel size for example).

How Does WLTP Testing Work?

Previously, just one standard model would be tested as opposed to each model variant, giving inaccurate figures for many vehicle types. In the future, results will be given on every variant.

For a Mercedes A180, for example, there would be separate data for the SE, Sport, AMG line etc. This would then be narrowed down further by each vehicle type being tested with the different car options they offer such as air conditioning, a larger wheel size etc.

What Does The Arrival Of WLTP Mean For Car Buyers And Manufacturers?

This will be a positive change for car buying customers as they will be provided with a fuel economy they can expect.

Manufacturers have had to do these new tests and then submit their readings to be checked against the WLTP tested results. All cars that are in build now will comply to these new regulations, however, anything that has already been built will not comply and will have to be registered before the new regulations start on 1st September. Any car that does not comply and that is not registered by this date will have to be scrapped or exported.

How The Arrival Of WLTP Will Affect The Car Market

We expect a huge influx of new car and pre-reg deals to arrive in July and August. Secondly, car prices will change from September 1st as the government charges different taxes on cars based on their emissions and eco-friendly performance.

The change in the testing system is a change that will only help consumers make better-informed decisions about the cars they are looking at buying or leasing. If you need any more information about a car you are looking at leasing, contact our team at 01254 956666 or email

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