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Is The M Sport Trim A Worthy Price Upgrade?

Date Posted 28th July 2017
Read Time 4 min read
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For any of you who have or are considering a BMW, you will have been faced with the choice of which trim you should get. There are a few different choices including the SE, Modern, Luxury and M Sport to name a few. The M Sport is THE trim when it comes to BMW. It is their top trim for all cars under the hallowed M Range.

But how does the M Sport trim differ from the rest and is it worth the price?

Changes on the exterior

BMWs look great in general. But the M Sport trim aims to make each car look more aggressive and sporty. First, they dash the place with subtle “M” badges on the wings, alloys, gear stick and steering wheel (similarly to what Mercedes do with their AMG models).

BMW M Sport rear

The aggressive body kit includes deeper, gaping front air intakes and wider side intakes. The side skirts are deeper to match the front and the suspension lowers the cars by 10-20mm, setting it lower to the ground.

See you on the inside

The M Sport trim alters the interior the most. The leather is added to the surfaces throughout the cabin. The steering wheel and gear knob receive leather covers. In some of the more expensive cars, they receive full-leather upholstery. The M Sport 1 Series have a full-Alcantara upholstery instead.

You sit in sportier seats than you would in other trims, giving you firmer support in the corners. Instead of the usual high gloss black that fills regular BMW models, the M Sport replaces them with aluminium trims that go along with the M Sport badges being littered on the controls and door sills.

BMW M Sport Interior

If you choose a manual BMW, the M Sport trim fits a short shift kit to reduce the height of the gear stick, therefore, reducing the gear change times. The steering wheel is also replaced with one that is modelled from others in the M Series cars.

How does it affect the performance?

You may think that the M Sport trim may affect the performance or engine of the car. It does not. This is entirely aesthetic in terms of changes. If you want a performance upgrade, you should check out the BMW M Series model, which is where BMW take the shell of the regular BMW and turn it into a high-performance car.

Should you choose the M Sport trim?

Whether or not you choose the M Sport trim depends entirely on what your needs and desires are for your car. The M Sport trim is for those drivers who want to feel like they are driving the ultimate version of their car, but don’t want the M Series model. Keen drivers will enjoy the extra grip that comes from the lower sports suspension and bigger alloys.

For those of you who want a reasonably priced BMW with all the right kit, best skip the M Sport. The M Sport doesn’t come with a sat-nav that more drivers want to enjoy these days. The seats are comfier in regular models than in the M Sport trim and you can get heated seats in the regular trims also.

Inside a BMW M Sport

It is all about your choices. If you want the feeling of a sportier BMW, then, by all means, choose the M Sport trim. It will likely fulfil your desires for the price you will pay on top to have it fitted. If that isn’t what you want, then choose one of the other trims available – SE, Modern, and Luxury. You will have a comfy car with all the extras available, but without the more aggressive body kit.

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