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Lease Car Delivery and Collection at Hippo Leasing

Last Updated: 10th May 2018
Lease Car Delivery and Collection at Hippo Leasing

10th May 2018

As one of the fastest growing car leasing companies in the UK, Hippo Leasing has been providing thousands of car finance and lease deals to people up and down the country each year. Offering nationwide delivery has allowed Hippo to provide motoring solutions to not just locals but to people all around England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (Isle of Man too!).


Arrangement of collection/delivery

Receiving a new car is inevitably exciting, however, there are a few steps that need to be taken before the all-important new car day. Once you have completed the leasing process; submitting an enquiry, approval, and signing off all paperwork, our logistics team will be in touch to arrange a suitable collection/delivery day and time. Collection/delivery is available Monday to Friday 8:30am-5:30pm or Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm. Unfortunately, we are unable to promise an exact time of delivery due to unpredictable congestions on the roads whilst delivering.

All new vehicles are delivered without charge, whereas used vehicles would require a delivery charge. Delivery costs are based on where you live in the uk. The closer you live to our Blackburn base, the cheaper it will be.


Taxing and insuring your new vehicle

New vehicle lease deals include road tax and are taxed by the supplying dealership prior to delivery. On used cars, it would be the customer’s responsibility to tax the car online, this can be done at the Hippo showroom on collection.

We do not supply car insurance as we recommend sourcing your own. This is because if we give all customers one price it can be more expensive than using a comparison site. Your new vehicle must be insured from the moment it is collected or on acceptance of delivery.


Delivery day

New cars will be delivered by the supplying dealer. Used cars will be delivered by a driver from Hippo Motor Group, either by the vehicle being driven or on a low loader. On delivery or collection, you will be handed the vehicle acceptance note, invoice and a document for Gap Insurance if this has been taken.

For more information on car leasing at Hippo Leasing, contact us by calling 01254 956 666 or drop us an email at

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