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When’s the best time to invest in a new car? Bank holiday!

You’ve been up and down the street, across the roundabout and around the twisty lanes of your mind a thousand times about investing in a new car.

Is it the right time?

Can I afford it?

Do I REALLY need a new car? Probably not – but you want one, and in the grand scheme of things, that’s all that matters!

Bank holiday presents itself as the prime time to invite a new petrol partner in crime, or diesel sidekick, into your life.

If you have decided to give leasing the thumbs down, or you are still at a crossroads about it, maybe our motoring guide on ‘How to lease a car in 3 simple steers this bank holiday’ will nudge you nearer to taking that leap!

Bank holiday: How to lease a car in 3 simple steers

Steer 1 – You can take a pitstop to explore your options: What makes bank holiday different to every other bog-standard weekend is that you get an extra day off. Slooooooooow down. Use this time to have a think about what the most important factors are for your car to fit into your lifestyle.

Need room for a few?

Intend to spend less on fuel?

Looking for the latest navigation tools?

Once you have got a better idea of your driver essentials, you will be dressed for the occasion of ogling at desirable makes and models on websites, filtering your search through the drop-boxes, then whittling down your wish list.

Could you create a ‘Top three’ then take it from there?

By now, you have most likely done a bit of research and got an idea of how much money you want to spend on your new vehicular friend. Remember, you’ll need to schedule in the time for calculations, and for considering how long you want your contract to last. Take advantage of the bonus day to thoroughly think your finances through.

Hippo Leasing filtering options

Steer 2 –Stay home and  swerve the jerky traffic-jam: Those three-little red, amber and green lights can be bothersome tykes when it comes to trying to travel somewhere, especially over the bank holiday, and traffic-jam entertainment does not sound like an ideal way to spend an extended weekend – no matter how creative you think you can get with ‘eye-spy’!

If you lease a car with us, or purchase a car elsewhere online, then you can wave goodbye to a row of ruffled drivers, and benefit from being able to choose whether you want to collect your car, or get it delivered. 124-point checks have been carried out on all our cars available, so it’s rest-assured that you are going to be happy with the quality.

Stunning Prestige models available, including the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

If you pick a Prestige model and do decide to swing by the showroom over the bank holiday, be sure to dodge travel at peak times, which are prone to pesky congestion.

Steer 3 – Get geared up for the grand arrival: Getting your car delivered? Time to get geared up for the grand arrival of your chosen one!

Nothing screams VIP treatment like a streamlined, sexy new car pulling up and parking outside your house. Put your feet up, relax and wait for it to arrive.

All that is left to do is sign the paperwork and take it for a test spin on the extra day of the bank holiday because guess what?

The car is yours!

Hippo Leasing and Prestige options

At Hippo, we have a wide range of reliable, ready-to-be-unleashed and affordable roadsters for you to choose from.

Pick up the phone to our insightful and information-led sales team, who are on-ear to listen and answer any questions that you may have about your next potential motor.

For Hippo Leasing, simply call 01254 956 666 or email us on [email protected] Alternatively, you can navigate through the site to find your perfect car

For Hippo Prestige, dial digits: 01254 916 450 or email [email protected] You can also fill in the contact form if you scroll down here.

Not sure how leasing works? Visit Personal Car Leasing,  Business Car Leasing or How does leasing work? on our website. The FAQs may help too.

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