Most Popular Cars On The Road Today

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Most Popular Cars On The Road Today

17th February 2015

Nowadays here in the UK there is such a wide range of different makes and models of cars that it’s so easy to find whatever it is you may be looking for, and for a very good price. Each offering you many benefits.  Here are a few of the most popular cars on the road today.

There’s no denying Ford have a great reputation for creating well-built and reliable vehicles. That’s why both the Ford Fiesta and Focus are a common sight on our roads today and have been for the recent past.

The Ford Fiesta is in fact the best-selling car of all time. Since 1976 to mid-2014 Ford sold more than four million of them. The overall styling of the Fiesta is very sporty and rather striking, probably why it remains such a popular choice.

Inside, the Fiesta is equally as stylish. The interior is neatly designed and there’s plenty of soft touch materials which makes the whole cabin feel a lot more expensive. With engine size ranging from 1l to 3l, the range caters for all kinds of road users and of course budgets.

Standard kit on the recent Fiesta includes air-con, electric and heated mirrors, power steering, CD player with auxiliary connectivity, electric front windows and traction control.

Another popular vehicle on the roads today is the Volkswagen Polo. Through the years the Polo has done nothing but grow.

Auto ExpresssaidThe recently-updated Volkswagen Polo is still one of the most desirable superminis money can buy, thanks to a strong combination of running costs, build quality and practicality’.

The Polo is one of the most attractive vehicle lease options on the market. It’s exciting to look at and the Volkswagen badge is a sign of build quality. The most recent Polo model is a subtle upgrade on the previous model and the interior is very spacious and comfortable despite its small appearance.

You can expect features such as air-con, CD player with aux connectivity, airbags, Bluetooth, immobiliser and central locking.  These do of course vary depending on the vehicle model.

For a new driver the 1l Polo would be a great option. For someone looking for something with a little more power then 1.4l would most likely be more suitable. Both drive equally as well and are efficient and economical which will save you money on running costs. The combination of space, looks and the running costs make the Polo a great all round cheap car leasingoption.

VW Polo 2013

Along with the Vauxhall Corsa, the Astra has been an ever present sight on the roads representing the mid-sized hatchback market.

Engine size ranges from the 1.3l to 2l and all models drive really well and are extremely comfortable. The interior of the Astra, we must admit, isn’t as neat as that of the Golf but it does come with all the latest kit including start stop engine, power steering, CD player with aux connectivity, ABS, alloy wheels, electric and heated mirrors and central locking. There is a generous amount of head and leg room so you can easily seat 5 adults comfortably.

A little more expensive than either of the three cars above is the Audi A3, but for the build quality and prestigious feel it has there’s no denying it’s worth it.

Auto Express said ‘With a classy, elegant exterior, a well-crafted interior and the latest safety and efficiency technology, the A3 is far from the poor relation in Audi’s range’.

The A3 carries the same style lights and large grille that is found on everything from the A1 to the A8. It’s a sporty and quality look which is probably why it’s so adored. The dashboard of the A3 we know is simple but it’s just as stylish. The top quality materials used throughout the cabin give the Audi A3 a very classy interior design.

The majority of specifications of the A3 come with alloy wheels, air-con, CD player with CD/Mp3 connectivity, Bluetooth, electric and heated mirrors, electric front and rear windows, power steering and ABS.

The suspension of the A3 was good on previous models but the new model is even better. It can easily absorb any bumps or potholes ensuring a very relaxed and easy ride. If you’re looking for a good mix of performance and economy we would recommend you opt for either the 1.6l TDi or the 1.4l petrol engine.

Audi A3 2012

The Fiat 500 is now one of the best selling cars of 2014 and we believe it will do nothing but grow in 2015. It’s a chic looking city car that’s good to look at, economical and efficient. That’s why it’s such a popular choice for new drivers who may have to think a little more on running costs.

The Fiat 500 is charming with its curvy lines and circular headlamps which gives it a really cute finish. Inside, the 500 feels spacious for such a small car and even the dashboard is painted the same colour as the exterior which adds a nice touch.

It’s easy to drive, especially when you’re nipping around tight corners or busy city streets. With a 1.2l engine the Fiat 500 isn’t the gutsiest of vehicles but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Fiat 500 comes completed with central locking, power steering, electric mirrors and front windows, CD player with aux connectivity, and ABS.

Within the selection above you're sure to find something that will suit your requirements and each car serves a different market and size of family.

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