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Top 3 frugal crossovers that will cache you time, money and cool air!

Whether it’s great MPG, sporty appearance or convenient technology, each of our crossovers below has got something unique to shout about.

Unlike some of the other crossovers in their class, these models fix up and look smart for all-weather conditions, with adaptable technology and a panoramic sunroof or alternative air con to keep you cool.

We reveal the appeal of our ‘Top 3 Crossovers’ this month below…

1. The Volkswagen T-Roc: Great MPG, minimal stops

Good MPG is something a lot of people consider when purchasing a car, and it’s important if you’re a commuter, or a gallivanter who makes a lot of the same trips on a regular basis. Filling up all the time can become annoying in the summer months – especially in your suit or workwear!

The Volkswagen T-Roc can travel for over 50 miles on one gallon of fuel and Volkswagen Connect Technology gets you off the hook if you get lost. Made up of a fuel monitor, driving style monitor and customisable trips feature, the VW Connect tech tells the driver how much money they’re spending on petrol on their usual route, highlighting potential changes you could make to save that cash.

A panoramic sunroof is optional on the T-Roc and VW deserves credit for including it without it causing the passengers any bother. Head room is still ample, even for taller passengers, with the glass roof finishing a short distance away from those sitting in the back.

The other way you can keep tabs on your temperature is through a Climate Control system; the 2Zone electronic air conditioning with automatic air recirculation is standard on the S and SE models and features dual zone temperature control for the driver and front passenger, giving the individuals the luxury of setting it to their preferences. A sensor monitors the outside air quality and if necessary, automatically activates the air recirculation function to revitalise both you and your companions.

Spec up your T-Roc here. The panoramic sunroof is available on our NEW models and you can see colour options and prices as you click through to each individual model.

2. KIA Sportage: All-Wheel-Drive for all challenges

Just like any sports person, the KIA Sportage is competitive, and wants to win people over with its dynamic and athletic look.

Advanced All-Wheel-Drive (Grade dependent) capabilities warm the car up to any challenge on the road, monitoring driving conditions and maintaining traction on rough, loose or slippery surfaces. It also helps improve lateral stability when cornering. Rack-mounted Motor Driven Power Steering, refines the drive even more – with smoother steering, better handling stability and direct driver response.

The mesh radiator grille design with dark chrome finishes is KIA’s crest of honour across many new makes and models, and the Sportage does not miss out. Ice-cube LED fog lights and 19″ alloy wheels complete the package.

For the panoramic sunroof on the Sportage, you’ll need to choose one of the NEW models here.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan: Comfortable and convenient interior

When we think of sunroofs, our intuition informs us that we need these for ‘sunny’ skies. We think of hurling it back on a hot day, not during the night; but sliding it back to show the starry skies can also provide a sense of space, and natural light from the streetlights and lit up motorways.

The Volkswagen Tiguan puts pleasurable journeys at its core. With an ergonomically designed interior and a centrally positioned 8.0 inch touch-screen infotainment system, driver convenience is of premium quality. Contemporary upholsteries and decorative inserts coordinate perfectly to create a modern interior, while front seats featuring flexible height and lumbar adjustment and a height and reach adjustable steering wheel ensure maximum driving comfort whatever the terrain.

Enough about the inside though, what about the outside? The Volkswagen ‘Tiguan’ gets its name from the German word ‘Tiger’ and won a naming contest by German car magazine publisher Auto Bild. This compact crossover SUV sports sharp lines, stylish alloy wheels and details such as LED daytime running lights, along with deeper front air intake grilles on R-Line Tech models, give a look that is dynamic, strong and unmistakably Volkswagen.

The build of the car is just the right level of macho, without looking awkwardly stocky.

See yourself in this sturdy SUV with, or without, a pan roof? View our deals on NEW Volkswagen Tiguans here.