Re-Lease your car valuation worries with Hippo

When your car begins to age, it may grow tired and cranky and start to groan due to aches and pains. A bit like grandma.

No car lives forever and once your car starts complaining about its faultiness, it may be time to call it a day. In advance of your vehicle racking up the miles and repair time, why not value it and consider changing it for one on lease?

Our used cars on lease are:

  • In great condition – Regardless of the value of a vehicle, all our cars receive 124-point preparation checks and if a vehicle fails any aspect of the visual, lengthy and rigorous checks, then they are simply not sold to the public
  • Perfect for short or long-term lease due to a moderate amount of mileage on a popular number plate/vehicle reg
  • Cheap and affordable and up for grabs for monthly payments, so you can swerve the unavoidable dent in your wallet associated with buying a car

You don’t need to spend it all at once

What are the benefits of car valuation?

If you’ve been pondering leasing a car and you have finally been swayed, valuing your current car may broaden the amount of facts that you can draw on for part-exchange negotiation.

Part exchanging your car is a great alternative to selling it, especially if you know what car you want next. The good news for you is that we are always looking for new stock and to see a car in cracking condition on a scrapheap would make us very sad. 🙁

Tell us this is just a bad dream…

Before you sling it with the other chewed up chassis’, you may want to check how much your car is worth based on its condition.

With so many online variations of the same car in a completely different condition to yours, it can become both time-consuming and manic trying to manually compare car prices and work it out the value of your car online. At Hippo, we can turn around a competitive valuation price within just hours, and you could find yourself driving off in a more recent car.

The news just gets better and better…

If you decide to go ahead with the part-exchange and you coax a car on lease, although you’ll have to maintain the car, here are the 3 worries that you can re-Lease:

1. Depreciation with age – Most cars lose value the minute they leave the forecourt. WhatCar? reported in 2017 that most cars lose between 50% and 60% of their value in the first three years of ownership, purely because of age. Newer models in the same line get introduced, and your car becomes old news, especially if more recent models outshine it for MPG, safety features and modern technology.

Decide to lease a car with us and depreciation doesn’t matter, as we will be taking it back at the end of your contract.

2. Your overall safety – We have a variety of reliable cars with up-to-date safety features that are compliant with BVRLA to choose from.

Meeting these standards means that the car will be less susceptible to wear and tear and it will have a short service history. Cars with a longer service history are more likely to break down, leaving you at risk of being stranded and vulnerable in an unsafe situation; either at the side of a fast highway or in the middle of nowhere.

Avoid breaking down in the middle of nowhere

Furthermore, you can choose whether or not you want your lease to include in-house Hippo servicing rather than outsourcing it. Although it’s rare, lower costs at independent garages can sometimes result from using non-genuine parts and cheaper labour, which can end up causing more damage than it’s worth.

3. Getting rid of it – At the end of the road, you don’t have to give getting rid of, valuing or selling your vehicle a second thought, as the car will be coming right back to us.

At the end of the lease, we will collect the car from you at a convenient time which suits you and if you wish, you can switch it for a refreshed motor.

Here, you can part exchange your car against any of our leasing deals. Just enter a few details and our team will come back to you with a fair and competitive valuation within hours.