Are you a networking newbie?

Building relationships with people is part of company culture and once you catch on to how to form professional connections, you will start to see who you may be able to help, and who could potentially help you.

That’s why we’ve launched Hippo Fleet Solutions, a frugal service which ferries the cars that small and medium-sized businesses want to them for a desirable price.

To get the ball rolling, Emma Wilkinson joins Hippo Fleet Solutions as Regional Account Manager from a management, marketing and sales background, and she has already formed a partnership with the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce to support with community engagement.

About Emma

Emma’s management, leadership and lucrative networking skills are enveloped inside her enterprising and expansive CV, which has seen her work as the Commercial Lead for the Hexham Courant.

Emma Wilkinson, Regional Account Manager at Hippo Fleet Solutions

So far, Hippo Fleet Solutions has been centred around training, a strong presence at networking events and gaining effective leads. After establishing a relationship with the East Lancs Chamber of Commerce, Emma is considering getting her own networking group up and running.

The former Commercial Lead commented; “I am looking to organise my own networking group with two business ladies I met at the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

“We want to drive an ultra-relevant networking group forward and promote it through social platforms like LinkedIn. If we can get businesses in the room who all three of us can link up with, we can create a motivational environment where everyone feels comfortable and has a clear picture of what they can do for one another.”

To score you some advice on how to approach networking events, we asked our experienced Regional Account Manager for some tips.

Top 5 networking tips from our Regional Account Manager 

1. Choose an event that:

  • Is relevant – Make sure you choose a networking event that is relevant to you and your business; you need to be mixing with the right kind of businesses so that you can gather leads, build long-term relationships and make others aware of what services you can offer. 


  • Has been well organised by a credible organisation – There will be a Chamber of Commerce in your local area, who can help support you and shine your achievements and charitable works in a good light to the community at their events. On top of speaking to your local Chamber, look at online reviews of organisations before attending their events, ask for recommendations, and check out their LinkedIn.

2. Make sure you are: 

  • Prepared – Make sure you are dressed business-like and that you have business cards and promotional materials such as brochures or stationery to hand. Plan out your route and arrival time in advance as if you get to events early, you can have a coffee and pop any promotional material down you in the room before the day starts.


  • Alert – Don’t overdo events when you’re a networking newbie. Spread out your networking events out so that you feel fresh and enthused each time you attend one. I find that when you first start, going to a couple of events per week maximum works well.


  • Proactive: Make sure you exchange business cards and when you get back to the office, connect to relevant contacts via email or LinkedIn promptly so that you remind them of the conversations that you’ve had. If you have LinkedIn on your mobile, you can go to ‘my network’ and then click on ‘find nearby’, which will bring up all the people who are active on LinkedIn in the networking room for you straight away.



In her spare time, Emma says “I spend the majority of my time with my friends, going out for meals and drinks, and I also love going away on holiday – who doesn’t?! Dog walking, with my two pet labradors in the countryside, is another part of my daily routine, as well as going to the gym.”

To find out more about our new exciting Fleet initiative and joint venture with our local Chamber of Commerce, click here.