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No challenge is too much in the Hulk of pick-up trucks

Last Updated: 5th Sep 2019
No challenge is too much in the Hulk of pick-up trucks

30th August 2019

Contender… READY.

Gladiator… READY.

Sound familiar from the famous game show of the 90s?

At the Mitsubishi L200 Knockhill Launch Event, two experienced members of our Hippo team were ‘Contenders’ of the gallant ‘Gladiator’ of pick-up trucks - the Mitsubishi L200 itself.  

To see if they could handle this vehicle Hulk, our Fleet Services Manager, Emma Wilkinson, and Social Media Exec, Dom Jardine, took part in four adrenaline-pumping pursuits on the abrasive Knockhill 4x4 Off-road Track in Fife, Scotland.

Knockhill 4x4 Racing Circuit 

We asked Dom, who works in-house with vehicle deals every day, what he learned about the limitations of this tough guy of the road. The answer? It has none! Put simply, it’s ‘INDESTRUCTIBLE!’ he said.

Hear from Dom about their journey around the rocky Knockhill circuit below…

 “As soon as you approach the Mitsubishi L200, you see that the whole front & back of the car has been completely redesigned. It’s got a much more aggressive stance now, which suits the pick-up market.” 

To get used to the vehicle, which has both car-like & pick-up capabilities, Dom and Emma took it for a spin on the streets of Fife before anything more challenging:

“Setting off in the L200 is unbelievably smooth and surprisingly light and easy for a 2-tonne pick-up! The quality of the cabin feels like that of a smooth SUV, which means you can transport everything you need around whilst still maintaining a comfortable drive. The cabin is extremely spacious, with seats with a deeper centre that support your back and your body from the side.”

Test-towing was next and as well as another L200 latched onto the back, the guinea pig Terminator of a truck was topped up with gravel in an attempt to weight it down:

“What gives the new Mitsubishi model the edge over a van in terms of being more versatile as a workhorse and family car is the 1080kg payload and 3.5 tonne towing capacity. This pick-up truck is suited to any and every job - it can literally go anywhere! We towed another L200 onto the back of the one we were driving, and there were no signs of even the slightest wobble on the roads of Fife.”

No challenge was too much for Dom and Emma, and the technology in the vehicle helped them tackle steep inclines:

“The top trim level Barbarian-X that we tested comes with a 360 degrees camera. On steep inclines - where we couldn’t see anything - the dash displayed both a bird’s eye & front view to make sure we didn’t end up blind driving. This model has got all the gadgets, accessories and safety features that you need, including Blind Spot Warning, Forward Collision Warning and 360-degree cameras.”

With all the usual 'cling, clunk and clang' that you'd expect from this rock-strewn circuit designed to push 4x4s to breaking point, the Mitsubishi's drive is 'relatively quiet' according to our Social Media Exec, and that's probably down to the sound-insulated cabin.

On its sturdy 18” alloy wheels, the unwavering wagon waded its way through water-filled ravines wide and deep enough for a small raft!

What a way to round-off the morning.

The Mitsubishi L200 has got it all and if you want to find out more about its features that helped it round the 4x4 circuit, click here.

Mitsubishi L200 Deals at Hippo Leasing

The Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Single Cab is available to lease for just £243.74 per month.

If you want something in a higher spec, the Barbarian-X is available to lease for £528.91 per month.

For the full list of Mitsubishi L200 deals, click here.


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