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Pay Nothing In December & Get £100 Cash Back!

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Pay Nothing In December & Get £100 Cash Back!

12th December 2013

Hippo Leasing are well known for the wide range of deals available on both personal and business car leasing. Since the move over to our brand new showroom on Trident Park in Blackburn we have vastly added to our range including more variety to the no deposit range, new vans to the commercial section and the New 2 you section which allows people to lease a great car for just £69 per month.

December is a month where the festive cheer, and panic, takes over so your thoughts and finances won’t allow for a new car to be high up the priority list even if you wanted it to be.

You could however, make that happen if a certain leasing company offered you a fantastic £100 Cash Back before you pay a single penny for your vehicle. Well, we’re doing just that.

It’s as simple as it sounds, £100 Cash Back and an added bonus of paying absolutely nothing until January. The £100 will be paid upon the signing of your documents and an agreed date for your first payment to be paid in 2014 will be set for you. This gives you the fantastic new car you want and an extra £100 to put back into the Christmas kitty!

We have got over 100 vehicles in stock and can quickly source a huge range of other vehicles to ensure you get the car lease deal you are 100% happy with. To get things moving you can view our site and submit an enquiry or call us to get your deal confirmed before the 31st December deadline.

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