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Prestige Car Lease News

Last Updated: 27th Dec 2017
Prestige Car Lease News

27th December 2017

We are so pleased to announce that a whole range of cars have just landed and graced us with their sleek and stylish presence here at Hippo Motor Group.

Whether you’re the CEO of the company, the rider of the horse, the kicker of the ball, the teacher of any skill, the country type, the city type, looking for personal leasing, or business leasing; we have a car available for your budget.

Our Hippo ‘approved used’ cars mean they’re just a few years old, have low mileage, whilst still looking and driving as they should. They’re fully prepared to BVRLA standards and come with outstanding manufacturer balance or complimentary 3 month fully comprehensive Hippo warranty. So take a look at the full range online, or see below for a few we have hand-picked for you.

Looking for something smaller, yet still sleek? From as little as £197 per month you could lease an Audi A1, voice control, DAB digital radio, heat insulating glass and more. Saying that for just a few pounds more you could also lease a BMW 1 series.


Also around the £200 mark we have BMW 3 Series. This is a black estate version and just perfect for families or those who like to golf and need the extra space in the back. It has all the features BMW usually offer and for this price, it’s a fantastic lease deal.

We also have the Mercedes- Benz C Class on offer for just £187 exc. VAT. This comes with everything such as built in satnav, agility driver mode selector, cruise control, collision prevention assist and front base loud speakers.


Are you looking for something you could ride far into a romantic sunset with, a lover by your side? Why not try the fun yet sophisticated Mercedes-Benz SLK convertible? Mercedes are renowned for their attention to detail and in with this Mercedes SLK, it’s no different, from chrome exhaust tailpipes, door sill plates with Mercedes branding, electromagnetic vario roof, to green tinted glass and so much more. 

If you’re all about business and making sure that your car reflects you well, we have many suitable prestige cars for the executive leasers. From the Audi A5, the Infiniti Q5 from just £209 per month, to the the BMW 3 series from £218. They’re all in stock and ready to go.


We have brand new models of Prestige cars too of course. They’re fully customisable leases meaning that you can add and amend features like; paint, in car entertainment, audio, trims and more.

At Hippo our business is all about experienced one on one sales staff and we always want to ensure we can offer an exceptional, sustainable, professional level of service.

We’ve uploaded all the details of these prestige cars for you online, so simply click here and have a browse. If you can’t immediately find what you’re looking for, or would like to call to tell us what you want, we can come back to you with our best quotes. Simply send a quick message using this form and someone will be back to you within 24hrs. Don’t forget to look at the personal lease prices and the business lease prices without VAT too.

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