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Santa Needs A Car Quick!

Last Updated: 13th Dec 2016
Santa Needs A Car Quick!

13th December 2016

It’s December and that means Christmas is on its way. Santa Claus is preparing to deliver presents to 7 billion people around the World. It will be the biggest present sack he has ever had to carry and his sleigh are being prepped and nine reindeers fed. But have you ever wondered what would happen if the sleigh couldn’t fly or one or more reindeers was injured in training or over fed and can’t fly?

We have and we came up with a few suggestions that would be great for Santa to use to deliver presents to all 7 billion people in a single night (we have no idea how he is so efficient either). He needs space for all those presents. He need speed to get around the World in one night. He needs comfort for all the miles he is going to cover in that one night. And he needs to look good whilst doing it, despite no one being able to see him. If he is lucky, he could get any of the following cars on a great contract hire deal.

Present Space – Mercedes V-Class

For Santa, storage is essential. His present sack is bulging bigger than usual thanks to the continued population drive. I bet when he started his job all those years ago, he wasn’t expecting to have to deliver presents for seven billion people. So, if his sleigh is out of commission, what car should he use instead?

We think the Mercedes V-Class would be the perfect car for him. It is incredibly spacious with the minimum boot capacity of 1,030 litres and that’s will all the back seats up. If Santa lowers those back seats, he will get 4,610-litres to play with. I’m sure his present sack will be able to fit in there… it is magical right?

Speed! – Koenigsegg One: 1

Santa is going to travel around the World in one night and deliver billions of presents. Now we know how long it can take postmen and women to deliver parcels in a day in their vans, so imagine the mammoth task, Santa takes on every year. With this in mind, we have been considering what car Santa could use to get around the World in a single night and we have come up with a Koenigsegg One:1.

First thing to note is that the Koenigsegg One:1 looks great in red. Second thing to note is that it produces 1340 bhp from its twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine. Now let us break down the speed that power develops. It has a top speed of 273 mph, so he will be getting around the World at a quick pace. Santa would be very impressed with its acceleration speed. It sprints from 0-100 km/h, in 2.8 seconds, from 0-300 km/h in around 12 seconds and 0-400 km/h in 20 seconds. This car is insanely quick and Santa would enjoy the speed immensely. It will however, struggle to carry Santa’s sack, but I’m sure he could manage.

Superb comfort – Skoda Superb

We all know the feeling after a long journey of just wishing we would never have to sit in a car again. Our bones and joints feel all sniff and we occasionally end up with backache. This all occurs because on long journeys, some cars aren’t great at maintaining comfort. Imagine the struggle Santa has with all the miles he has to travel.

The Skoda Superb is praised for having one of the comfiest cabins on the market. Santa simply has to keep it in Comfort setting and it will glide over bumps and dips and he won’t even notice them. This mode is specifically designed to give you the best possible ride, especially for long journeys like Santa’s. The other good thing about the Skoda Superb is that it also looks great in red.

Perfect Style - Jaguar F-Type

Okay this may seem strange as no one sees Santa on his delivery run, but then again why can’t Santa look good just for himself? If you are doing a job that delivers happiness to billions around the World, then you deserve to do it in style.

Santa will obviously choose the Jaguar F-Type. All you have to do is look at a picture of this beauty and you will see why. The whole car was also designed with aerodynamics in mind which is why the front splitter beneath the grille manages airflow along the underside and even the door handles retract. And like every other suggested car, the Jaguar F-Type looks killer in red.

If like Santa, you are in a rush for a car this Christmas, we can help. If you choose from some of the best lease cars in the UK and we can have them delivered to your door within 10 days. Santa will be considering it, so, why don’t you?

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