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Santa Needs A Car Quick!

Date Posted 13th December 2016
Read Time 1 min read
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It’s December and that means Christmas is on its way. Santa Claus is preparing to deliver presents to 7 billion people around the World. It will be the biggest present sack he has ever had to carry and his sleigh are being prepped and nine reindeers fed. But have you ever wondered what would happen if the sleigh couldn’t fly or one or more reindeers was injured in training or over fed and can’t fly?


We have and we came up with a few suggestions that would be great for Santa to use to deliver presents to all 7 billion people in a single night (we have no idea how he is so efficient either). He needs space for all those presents. He need speed to get around the World in one night. He needs comfort for all the miles he is going to cover in that one night. And he needs to look good whilst doing it, despite no one being able to see him. If he is lucky, he could get any of the following cars on a great contract hire deal.


Present Space u2013 Mercedes V-Class


For Santa