Is Short-Term Car Leasing The Right Choice For You?

Date Posted 10th April 2018
Read Time 4 min read
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We all know that car leasing is a very attractive proposition for many drivers as it allows them to drive the car of their dreams in a worry-free and affordable way. However, a constraint has always been the length of contracts typically being for two to four years. This isn’t ideal for all drivers, so a fantastic solution to consider is short-term car leasing.

Short-term car leasing explained

Short-term leasing is just like regular leasing, but it allows you the option of having a 3-, 6-, 9- or 12-month agreement length, a flexible solution with many benefits, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

“Think of it as long-term car hire; it is an alternative to renting a car at a daily rate,” said Matthew Bailey, Deal Analyst at Hippo Leasing. “In fact, it’s better than renting your car by the day because the rates are much better than daily car hire.”

Who is short-term car leasing for?
A short-term contract hire suits a variety of drivers in many different situations, such as:

  • Foreign drivers (with a driver’s licence valid in the UK) staying for periods longer than a few weeks
  • Employees who have just started a new job and need a short-term solution to getting around while they find a more permanent motor solution
  • Long-term holiday-makers
  • Workers temporarily based in a different office

That’s not to say there’s no other option.

Matthew advised drivers looking for a short-term car solution: “Drivers can and should consider buying an inexpensive car for the time they need, through cash or hire purchase, but that’s a compromise of comfort as you will be buying a much older car and that can have additional complications. Add to that, selling the car afterwards is a hassle many won’t want to deal with.”

Benefits of a short-term car lease
While there are other solutions to leasing, there are several reasons to consider signing a short-term car lease:

  • Approximately 70% cheaper than daily car hire
  • No long-term commitments
  • Update your vehicle as regularly as often as every 90 days
  • Available for both personal and business customers
  • Delivery in just days to all over the UK
  • Free collection option also available

Matthew explained why this form of personal or business lease works well, “Drivers who need a car for longer than two months, and less than a year are often left in limbo because daily car rental is so expensive and buying a low-budget car is not ideal.”

He added, “With a short-term lease, drivers have a cost-effective way of driving a comfortable car for the time that they need a car.”

Yes, but how does a short-term car leasing at Hippo work?
If it sounds complicated, we can reassure you it’s not. Hippo Leasing’s short-term car lease offering is designed to be quick, easy and hassle free – just like our long-term personal and business contract hires.

  • Head on over to our short-term car leasing page, and browse the deals on offer
  • Find the deal that works best for you
  • Fill in the enquiry form on the vehicle’s deal page.

And that’s it!

From there one of our account managers will guide you through the rest of the process, beginning with the finance approval and all the way to delivery, or, if you prefer, pick-up of your lease car.

If you’re interested in requesting a car as a short-term lease, that is not possible, but we have an extensive range of automobiles on offer.

“Unfortunately, not all our cars are available as short-term leases,” Matthew explained, adding, “and the list tends to change every 90 days, but we have an excellent selection of vehicles for you to choose from. Whether you are most comfortable behind the wheel of a compact city car, a hatchback, 4×4 or an estate, we have a range of each time for each budget.”

What deposit does a short-term car lease need?
So, a short-term car lease sounds like a great idea, you like the cars on offer and are ready to enquire – great! But what deposit should a potential lessee put down? At Hippo Leasing our short-term lease deals start from just three-monthly payments down, which makes it a very cost-effective agreement. Drivers can lower their monthly payments by putting down through Hippo’s higher deposit options.

If you’re in need of an automobile for a short period of time, and a personal or business short-term car lease feels like the right solution for you, we’re happy to help. Call our team on 01254 956 666 or email to discuss your requirements today.