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Should I repair a punctured tyre?

It’s certainly frustrating when you have a punctured tyre but the first question is: should I repair the puncture or not? Hippo Leasing would never tell you to repair the tyre if it goes against your gut feeling, but we also thought you might like some guidance on what is common practice by professionals when considering the question of whether to repair or not.

Where is the puncture?

Where the puncture occurred is of paramount importance when it comes to judging if you should repair the puncture or not. The puncture needs to be on the tread section of the tyre – the middle three-quarters of the central area of the tyre, where the rubber hits the road.

If the puncture is outside the tread section, ie in the area nearest to the tyre wall – then it’s not viewed as repairable. Likewise, if the puncture is on a tyre wall itself, it’s also not repairable.

How big is the puncture?

The general rule is that if it’s bigger than 6mm wide, it’s not repairable. A nail or screw would typically leave a hole smaller than this but the likes of a bolt puncturing the tyre are likely to render it un-repairable. If the tyre is slashed or torn, it also should not be repaired as the repair is effectively a plug which needs to be flush with the hole.

What kinds of tyres are repairable?

For most car tyres repair is possible if the repair doesn’t compromise the tyre itself, hence why the consideration is where the tyre was punctured and the type of puncture.

Some tyres, such as run-flat tyres are designed to assist drivers in the event of a puncture. These are designed to be driven for short distances and at low speed to the nearest garage for a repair.

Most reputable tyre centres won’t repair run flat tyres on the basis that driving on run flats weakens the long term resilience of the tyre walls even if it’s difficult to spot the damage to the naked eye so they take a blanket approach to run flats.

If your car uses self-sealing tyres, then so long as the general tyre repair conditions are met, a repair is possible.

Follow the simple rules of tyre repair to ensure you are back on the road quickly. For more serious punctures, Hippo Service Centre can help replace your car tyres.