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The Best Business Cars For Leasing

The increasing cost of running vehicles with insurance, tax and maintenance has led a large portion of businesses opting for car leasing. Whether it be for a fleet of cars or an individual sole trader that needs a car, leasing make a great option to consider.


When you’re commuting to and from work, or even travelling as part of your job, you need that special car which gives you the executive look your company desires. Once you’ve got a fancy ride, the better your appearance. In all business cars, there will be some must have essentials:

– Cruise control: This is a great add on when it comes to having a business car, especially if travelling is a big part of your job. Setting yourself a maximum speed helps in a range of ways, including saving petrol and being safe with your driving.

– Keyless entry: With this, you save a lot of time and you make things easier for yourself. Keyless entry comes in handy if you’re rushing around and have your hands full.

– Parking sensors: Not all cars are fitted with parking sensors, but if you ever get the choice u2013 do it. This way you add value to your car and also help you to park with care. Parking sensors can make reversing into a space an absolute doddle!

– Gadgets: This is possibly the most important. Bluetooth connectivity, Sat-Nav and a touchscreen always makes things easier for those who are constantly making calls and travelling frequently. Sat-Navs and a colour screen are becoming more frequent in cars. You do however see them more prominently in higher specification models of vehicles. With car leasing you are more likely to be able to afford a better specification of model than you would if you bought a vehicle outright.

Mercedes-Benz A Class
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