The New Nissan Juke: Acenta Premium dCi Review

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
The New Nissan Juke: Acenta Premium dCi Review

16th September 2015

The Nissan Juke became instantly popular the moment it was released back in 2010, probably due to its unique and distinctive design. The Juke, which is a crossover between a supermini and an SUV, made noticeable waves in the motor industry, and forced everyone else to up their game and make similarly-designed cars.

In 2014 the Juke received a facelift with the latest version: Nissan Juke Acenta. The looks have been freshened up, and the car itself is a lot more practical.


Nissan haven’t changed the design too much, and have just made a couple of tweaks, so the Juke remains as appealing as ever. The juke has incredibly distinctive styling that is sure to turn heads on the street. The almost cartoonish exterior body styling, gives the Juke a funky and modern vibe, and the interior is just as good-looking as the outside. This interestingly styled car is a great choice if you’re looking for a ride with individual style.<

Performance & Tech

The Juke Acenta is an incredibly competent and practical car, which doesn’t sacrifice at all on comfort. The 1.5 litre engine can reach a top speed of 109mph and gives drivers roughly 71mpg. The great news is that the Acenta has improved on the previous model’s practicality, and now comes heavily kitted out with some pretty decent technology. The Acenta trim comes complete with sat-nav, cruise control, Bluetooth, interior chrome door handles, a leather steering wheel and gearstick, climate control and a reversing camera.


The Acenta is a well-priced vehicle, and gives definite value for money, especially considering the amount of tech you get. You won’t have to pay too much for road tax either, just £20 per year. Also if you’re not keen on buying a car outright, then the Juke makes for a very reasonable lease car.


With the new Acenta, Nissan have managed to increase the storage space in the boot by a massive 40%, making it a total of 354 litres. The Acenta also comes with a highly stylish interior with a strong modern design. The centre console has a very luxurious feel, and comes in a variety of different colours to suit your style. There’s a tonne of space for the driver and front passenger, with a high seating position and height-adjustable steering wheel.


The Juke Acenta is a fantastic update to an already brilliant vehicle. If gives drivers the opportunity to drive away in a crossover at a very reasonable price, and it’s a great car leasing choice if you’re not looking to buy straight away. The Juke Acenta is the car to choose if you’re after an individually styled, practical and fun car with loads of extra technology.

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