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The Weird, Wonderful and Useful World Of Car Gadgets

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
The Weird, Wonderful and Useful World Of Car Gadgets

16th May 2014

We sell hundreds of cars each month through our various branches within the Hippo Motor Group and we see some fantastic gadgets and technology in each one we send out. There is however always room to add some quirky bits of tech to any vehicle and we have had a look through some of the most bizarre, weird and useful bits of kit for any driver (Some for the more niche clientele!)

If you struggle getting in and out of the car, or regularly have someone in your passenger seat that struggles getting in then you could consider looking at a swivel car seat. Personally, I’ve never seen these before but on Presents for Men they retail at just £14.99 and whilst not being the prettiest item in the car they sure look handy. The features include a soft sheepskin cushion which seems nice, no? It is also easily removable to clean and is aimed at those with bad back or limited mobility. Looks like a good, sturdy buy for anyone who will find it useful!

deluxe swivel car seat

We are fascinated by some of the technology on Presents for Men and this product is no different. If you do a fair bit of long distance driving and occasionally feel like you could doze off behind the wheel then this could be for you.

On a side note whilst writing this piece we found a few other tips for staying awake whilst driving such as keeping a hand up in the air, eat sunflower seeds or ice, listen to music you hate and eat and drink slowly. Have a look through some of these tips on WikiHow to see which ones you can adapt in your long distance driving.

Back to the technology. Presents for Men are selling the iSafe Anti Doze Detector which does exactly that, detects when you’re dozing then attempts to disrupt it. The detector is similar in appearance to a Bluetooth headset and sits behind your right ear. The technology though is questionable with the gentle alarm being sounded when you tilt your head nodding forward by 15 degrees or more. For £5.99 it could be an interesting investment to see if it works alongside some of the previously mentioned more odd tips on WikiHow.

In car phone chargers are a necessity for the chatty long commuter and this one is somewhat unique. Firebox are retailing ‘Fuel: The World’s Smallest Phone Charger’ which measures a tiny 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm. It is perfect to keep in the glove box in case you forget or don’t have a USB charger. At just £24.99 it could prove to be a life saver, it looks pretty cool too.

We all know that using your mobile phone whilst you drive is illegal. Worryingly thought people still feel the urge to use their mobile either attached to their ear or rested on their lap with loud speaker on full blast. The Wonder Holder on Red 5 is a very small, sleek looking holder for an array of technology devices. When you’re on the road it’ll help to have your phone in a position visible to ensure you keep your eyes on the road so having the Wonder Holder on your dashboard will hopefully keep you focussed. It is also a solution for those who rely on their mobiles for Satellite Navigation and for when it’s connected to Bluetooth.

We’re going to finish with one you may find yourself completely smitten with once you get hold of it. In fact I think most drivers should have one of these, just in case. We’ve gone back to Presents for Men to have a look at the Deer Deterrent. Pretty self-explanatory really and it does exactly that, aims to deter deer’s or other wildlife should you attract it around your car like Dr Dolittle.

It’s a tiny little gizmo that you attach to your car and it has a couple of good reviews including ‘Very pleased with the product’ which gives us an inkling it does actually work. The piece attaches to your car, van or motorcycle and emits a sound to warn the deer or wildlife of your approach.

deer deterrent

The noise isn’t audible to humans so you can’t actually tell if it is working, unless you spot a deer and it does bolt in the opposite direction.

There’s plenty more gadgets on the web for your new car, some are useful and some are plain useless unless in very odd situations but you will have some fun browsing the web looking and wondering how people come up with these ideas!

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