Tips For Buying Your Next Estate

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Tips For Buying Your Next Estate

2nd October 2014

Deciding what car fits your needs best is very important when it comes to buying one. Whether it be an estate, MPV, city car or 4x4, they all offer you promising features that attract you to them. But which car is it that is best for you?

Now I’m here to tell you why the estate car would be a firm choice over any 4x4 or MPV if you’re looking for luxury AND leg room. Despite the growing demand for 4x4s and MPV’s, estate cars are still a popular choice in many car showrooms across the world./p>

For anyone needing extra luggage room such as larger families or businesses the estate car is the one for you. Yes, 4x4s may offer more seats and extra headroom however they don’t offer the smooth and more impressive silhouette of the estate. With Hippo’s Seat Ibiza sports Tourer you can have both.

There are very few cars that offer more than 500l of boot space when the rear seats are up, such as the Mercedez benz E class and the Citroen C5. Here at Hippo, we propose the Toyata Avensis. If you’re looking specifically for boot space and the ultimate carrying capacity then this is the car for you with a monthly payment that won’t break the bank. There are also many tips and tricks that can add extra luggage space on your estate. Roof rails are one of these. Many estates now come with these or can be ordered as an optional extra. This means you can add another 100kg on to your luggage space, and they can be used to carry larger items such as bikes, canoes or extra luggage. Perfect if you’re a lover of the outdoors and UK holidays./p>

Another superb estate is the Toyota Auris Touring Sport, found here at Hippo. With its petrol-electric drivetrain this means its boosts the fuel economy. This model is perfect for town driving and it means free car tax! What more could you want?/p>

Now, you’re probably wondering whether a diesel or petrol estate would be better for you. Well, most estates sold in the UK are diesels however if you’re looking for an estate to complete shorter journeys then a petrol may be suitable. Modern Diesels offer a smooth ride and usually have plenty of torque (pulling power). A petrol has short term fuel price savings whereas a diesel offers better mpg but does cost more so the economics behind a decision on fuel type will need to consider your annual miles./p>

The new Vauxhall Insignia Diesel Sports Tourer is a must have if you’re looking for an estate. For me, it’s faultless. It has the smooth and classy appearance, plenty of luggage space AND the mpg of 72.4mpg is impressive for long journeys.

With the estate car you have the best of both worlds. The space that you require but also the more prestigious and impressive appearance perfect for business or personal use.

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