Top Cheap Lease Deals of the Week

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Top Cheap Lease Deals of the Week

25th May 2016

There are a few things these different cars have in common, being a city car is one of them but also being incredibly cheap is the main similarity. All of these cars are the ideal match for the city life and offer way more than you pay for, which makes them the best car lease deals right now at Hippo Leasing.

The Skoda Citigo is one of the cheapest cars available but it’s got a lot to offer, even on the standard trims. The Citigo is definitely the go to city car in terms of driving, as it offers a smoother and more enjoyable drive compared to the others, which isn’t expected. This car is perfect if what you want anything isn’t anything too amazing as it’s pretty basic, but with the cheap running costs and overall cheap price – you won’t regret a thing.

Another perfect example of a handy little car is definitely the Chevrolet Spark. Its unique design makes it stand out from the crowd and with it being a tall build, you’re able to easily fit four people with no struggles regarding head and leg space which is pretty impressive for a city car. The Spark is cheap to run which is ideal for those with a budget and gives you the choice of two different engines – both drive pretty well. Inside the Spark, the dashboard is well-laid out which makes it easier for the driver to navigate, especially when driving.


For such a new car, it’s really made a good impression on the city car fans and pretty fast too. The Volkswagen UP features surprisingly good looks, along with a modern interior which is well set out and includes a good amount of equipment, even as standard. The Up offers a range of economical engines, all which are great to drive, making it an all-round great car especially for the price!

The Toyota Aygo is at the top of the list for its appearance as it offers just a little bit more than the other city cars. With the design being based on a Japanese cartoon, it’s ideal for if you want something which is unique and stands out from the crowd, as it does this perfectly. The Aygo is cheap to run and offers a good range of infotainment for the price, along with a pretty good performance when driving.


If a fun ride is what you’ve got your heart set on, then the Peugeot 107 should definitely be on your mind. With its great body control and lively handling, it’s the perfect motor for the city life. It tends to appeal to the younger crowd a lot more as it offers a range of different colours for the interior and exterior, as well as a range of different trims including KISS, Urban Lite and more.

Cheap car leasing is becoming the most popular way of getting the car you love, quicker, easier and cheaper. There are a range of other deals available if the city cars aren’t for you.

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