Top Five Cars For Comfort

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Top Five Cars For Comfort

9th October 2014

There’s nothing worse than ending up with back ache or loss of feeling in some parts of your anatomy an hour into your six hour journey or unexpected traffic tailbacks. Not only do you want a fashionable car, but you also want a comfortable one. A car that makes you look and feel like a million dollars. We found out what are the top 5 most comfortable and affordable cars on the car leasing market…

Auto Express said ‘The new Peugeot 308 is an award-winning family hatch with a focus on comfort and quality’. Everything that you need in a car is right here in the new Peugeot 308. It offers a smoother silhouette in comparison to its close rivals such as the Citroen C4 Picasso and also a more expensive feeling interior. With slim lights and a narrow grille it is without a doubt one of the best looking cars in its class. Soft leather is present throughout the interior of the car offering class and imposing quality on the gear nob and the steering wheel. Some specifications of the 308 offers plenty of kit such as a sat-nav, rear parking sensors and climate control ensuring you have a smooth, safe and comfortable journey. Not only is the 308 one of the most aesthetically pleasing it is also one of the most economical and efficient. The new 308 has been designed to provide a blend of cruising comfort and sharp handling. If you’re looking for a stress-free relaxed ride then the 308 is the one for you. Here at the Hippo the Peugeot 308 is now in stock for just £130.82 per month + VAT. Bargain!

The latest Renault Clio stands stylish both inside and out. With its sleek profile and disguised rear door handles, the more practical five door could be mistaken for a three. The Clio now offers various new options such as bodywork decals and matching colour schemes for the paint, wheels and interior. Climate control, electric folding door mirrors, electric windows and rear parking sensors are all available with the new Clio guaranteeing your journey is relaxed and you can feel at ease. The TomTom version of the Clio is also fitted with a brand new seven inch tablet style screen which is integrated into the dashboard so you can control your music while you cruise. The Clio is charming, offers plenty of kit and an effortless drive. Perhaps this is the car for you?

Autocar said ‘The Vauxhall Corsa is very refined, stylish and practical’. It is the perfect car leasing option for those on a budget and looking for a reliable brand. Here at Hippo, we offer the Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 S for just £109.97 per month (plus VAT). Various models have differing specifications but in most you can expect a selection of Air Con, Start Stop, Cruise Control, Electric and Heated Mirrors, Power Steering, CD player and MP3/iPod Connectivity. The sporty edge of the Vauxhall Corsa is followed throughout the exterior as well as the interior with the leather steering wheel and sleek bodywork. As well as the Vauxhall Corsa being comfortable is it one of the most economical of its class so you get the best of both worlds; a calm, smooth and cheaper ride.

vauxhall corsa s

The Ford Fiesta is undoubtedly one of the best cars that Ford has made and remains attractive on both the inside and outside. Although its interior doesn’t shout class as much as the Peugeot 308 it is a sleek and comfortable car that since the 2013 facelift gives an even more relaxed cabin experience. It comes completed with Air Con, CD with MP3/iPod Connectivity, Front Electric Windows, Alloy Wheels and Electric and Heated Mirrors to ensure you have a relaxed journey from your home to your destination. Here at Hippo Leasing, we offer the Fiesta Zetec for just £119.99 per month + VAT.

Our fifth car voted most comfy was our SEAT Toledo which you can get for just £139.60 per month + VAT at Hippo Leasing. This beauty is spacious and practical and is also great value for its price! With plenty of leg room you can sure lie back and relax. The Toledo comes with Air Con, Bluetooth, USB, Front and Rear Electric windows, CD player and an aux socket. From the outside the SEAT Toledo looks great but inside its gets even better. There’s no way you’ll be stuck for space in the SEAT Toledo as there’s bag of room, perfect for anyone with a family. Although the cabin is simple, it makes it easy to navigate yourself around it and also displays such class. Sometimes simple is best and I think this is the case with the Toledo.

seat toledo 2103

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