Top Four Cars For Your Dog

Last Updated: 23rd Jun 2017
Top Four Cars For Your Dog

23rd June 2017

Top Four Cars For Your Dog

Don’t worry, we aren’t leasing cars for dogs now. But we do want to help you choose the best car to give your dog a comfortable ride when you are travelling.

It is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and it would be close to animal cruelty to put your favourite pooch into a tiny, cramped car for the route to work and back.

These are our suggestions for you and your dog. These cars don’t just need to be used to take your dog to work, but to go on holiday with or a weekend adventure.

Skoda Superb Estate

Skoda Superb Estate


Estate cars are always the best choice when it comes to transporting a dog. They give you the necessary space in the rear of the car for your dog to relax. This is why we suggest the affordable and large Skoda Superb Estate.

The Superb Estate is extremely generous with the provided space. If you choose to keep those rear seats up, you get 660-litres of boot capacity. This can be plenty for a dog of short stature, but if you have a larger dog, you can increase your capacity further. Drop the rear seats and the boot capacity increases to an incredible 1,950-litres, ensuring you have enough space for multiple dogs.

There are also plenty of dog-friendly features on the Skoda Superb Estate, including Dog Safety Belts that clip into regular seatbelt mounts, so who needs human passengers? There is also a dog hammock for your back seats for your dogs to lie down on. There are plenty of dividers and rubber floors available for the boot from suppliers.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan

You will start to notice a pattern with our suggested vehicles for transporting your dog(s). They are not small and this next one is a family SUV, offering you a lofty driving position. This will feel great as you and your dog can look over the rest of the traffic.

However, as with the Superb, space is the requirement. The Volkswagen Tiguan has 615-litres of boot capacity available with those rear seats up. It is slightly smaller than the Superb’s boot, but with it being a different shape you can still fit your dog in the boot comfortably. If you have multiple dogs, you drop those rear seats and increase the capacity up to 1,655-litres.

Volkswagen do offer divider guards that separate the mess your dogs may make in the boot from the rest of the car up front.

Skoda Fabia Estate

Skoda Fabia Estate


Heading back to Skoda for their Fabia Estate. This is the smallest estate offered by Skoda and is the more affordable option if the Superb is just out of reach. This car is for those with a single dog or a couple of small dogs.

In the boot, you will find an excellent 530-litres, which for a small estate is brilliant and if you want to drop those rear seats to give your dogs more space, it increases to 1,395-litres. There is no messing around with this car, despite it being smaller than most other cars on this list, it delivers well on the inside.

Skoda again offers dog owners optional dividers that allow you to keep your dogs in the back, so that they aren’t jumping all over you when you are on the move. It is probably a smart move to invest in those.

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery Scenic


We’ve so far talked about cars that can transport your dogs with ease and comfort. But we haven’t discussed the one car that can deliver you and your dogs with a true adventure. Yes, you can take your dogs to work in those other cars. But with the Land Rover Discovery, you can take your dogs to work, up mountains, across streams and just about anywhere else you fancy.

This car like its rivals does offer rubber floor mats and dividers to ensure whilst the back may be dirty from your dogs, the front will remain clean. And they won’t be disturbing you whilst you are commuting.

The Land Rover has the biggest boot of them all. If you keep the back two seats down and keep the five seats in place, you get a boot capacity of 1,137-litres. If you have all seven seats in place, you only get 258-litres, which isn’t great boot space for dogs, but then they can be strapped into each of the seven-seat (maybe not the driver’s seat).

However, if you drop all the seats apart from the very front two, the capacity increases to 2,406-litres, giving you probably too much space, unless you have 101 Dalmatians.

Taking your dog to work?

If you own a dog and are looking for a car that is more suitable, we can help you. We have these suggestions and plenty more in stock ready for you to consider. If you know the car that is right for you and your dogs, enquire with us and our team will find the ideal car leasing deal for you (and your furry friend). 

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