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Travelling Abroad This Year? Best To Be Prepared

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Travelling Abroad This Year? Best To Be Prepared

13th May 2016

Summer 2016 is on its way and you may have booked yourself a holiday abroad and you are intending to drive. If you are planning a European road trip with your friends, or are travelling with your family to your destination and you have chosen to drive then there are a few things to keep in mind.

First thing to do is the check and familiarise yourself the driving laws for the countries you are travelling to and through to ensure you aren’t caught out. Check what side of the road they drive on, whether it is the left or the right. Make sure you understand the speed limits and how they are measured – do they use MPH or KPH? Make sure you have the correct documentation needed for when driving in that country just in case something happens and you require it.

In Europe, there is also require kit that you must have in your and this does change depending on the country. France and Austria are the strictest when it comes to the items needed, but it is probably wise to have all these items anyway. In Europe, the items either need or recommended are a GB sticker, headlamp beam converters, a warning triangle, a high visibility jacket, a first aid kit and an NF approved breathalyser.

Another thing to consider when travelling in Europe is whether you have a European Health Insurance card that can entitle you to reduced or free state healthcare if you are taken ill or injured while abroad. However, it is also recommended you take out separate travel insurance to ensure you are covered in case anything happens.

In some countries it is required to have an International Driving Permit. IDPs are only valid for a year and you can only obtain one three months in advance of when you require it. You are eligible for an IDP is you have a full driving licence and are a resident in the UK and are 18 & over.

Check with your insurance provider to check if they are covering you fully for travelling abroad. If you are not covered, we recommend taking out an international policy because otherwise you will have only the most limited legal cover.

The same goes for breakdown insurance. Check with your provider that they offer European breakdown cover just in case something happens to your vehicle during your trip. You can never be too careful and it is best to be prepared when it comes to your car insurance and breakdown cover.

It is also highly recommended you locate your nearest Embassy in the country where you are staying. This is in case of extreme emergencies and you need help or protection while on your holiday. Also fill out your emergency details in your passport so that you are better prepared if something does occur.

Finally, if you aren’t a great map-reader and your passengers are awful navigators, we recommend investing in a sat-nav that includes European and international maps in it. Well that is unless you want to get lost and spend your road trip that way, but ensure you have a back-up plan to get out of being lost before your holiday ends.

Everyone wants to enjoy their holidays abroad so to avoid any unfortunate mishaps, it is best to be prepared. If you are looking for a new car to take abroad with you, but you can’t afford to buy one outright, then why not have a look at cheap car leasing? This way you can get the perfect car for you and you can lease it at a cheaper cost that buying a car and you can use the money you save to spend on a holiday. It’s easy to do so why not check out our best car lease deals and take it abroad with your friends and family?

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