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Used Car Leasing Guide

Last Updated: 27th Sep 2018
Used Car Leasing Guide

9th March 2018

Used cars are something we offer on a business and personal lease basis, we have been doing this for over a decade and it has now become a large part of our business with customers coming back to us year after year. The benefits of used car deals are the price and speed of delivery, because we are buying the vehicles into stock in large numbers directly from the manufacturers, fleet and rental companies and even sometimes dealerships, we can command big discounts on the cars which enable us to offer you deals that you will not find anywhere else with delivery within days, not months compared to a brand-new car.

What condition do the cars come in?

All our used car deals are prepared to the BVRLA standards (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association),The BVRLA are the governing body that regulates what standards lease vehicles must be supplied and returned in. We have an in-house prep centre to ensure the car is delivered to you in the best possible condition. In addition to this, all of the cars we supply come with a full-service history and if they are due a service within 3,000 miles or 3 months before you take the cars we take care of that also. Every car gets a health check from an independent garage where they check all safety-related items such as tyres and brakes which are replaced (if required) before you take delivery/collection of the car.

Can I come and view/drive the car?

The majority of deals advertised on our website are all cars that are in stock, because of this you can come and visit us (and have a nice coffee in our showroom!) and make sure that the car is what you want.

I can't find the car I am looking for in the used cars section?

Our stock is changing daily and we also have vehicles available from one of our other companies www.hippoprestige.co.uk, so if the car you are looking for is not on the site, be it a Ford Mondeo or a Rolls Royce Phantom, fill out the short enquiry form and one of our account managers will be in touch who will be happy to supply the right car for you.

What is the mileage of the car and when does the contract mileage start?

Our vehicles have generally done between 5,000 and 28,000 miles, on occasions, we get offered cars that have done more than this but of course, there is a price reduction for a higher mileage. In any occasion, all cars come with full-service history and go through a rigorous health check before they are delivered to our customers. The mileage contract starts from when you take the car (I.e. if the car has done 10,000 miles and you have requested 10,000 miles per annum, the mileage at the end of the contract on a 4-year agreement should be within 50,000)

What age are the cars?

Nearly all the cars we supply are 12-24 months old however, we do also offer slightly older cars, speak to a member of our sales team by calling 01254 956 666 for a full list of our current stock.


You can collect your new car from our showroom in Blackburn at no cost, we also offer a delivery service throughout the UK to our customers which requires a small charge dependent on where in the country you are (this is to cover driver wages, fuel, etc).

Do I have to pay for anything upfront?

Due to the number of vehicles we sell, the car of your choice can go quickly! Hence, we ask for a vehicle order to be signed when we take your finance details. The finance documents are then sent to you that day for you to sign and return to us so we can then arrange delivery. Any other payments due to HIPPO are paid when we receive the finance documents back from you i.e. if the deal has been done with a £594 initial deposit we will debit the remaining £344 on receipt of the documents. There is a small admin charge that is payable with your initial deposit - this covers number plates and other general administrative costs that are incurred.

My credit is not very good, can I still apply?

Although all of the deals on the website are based on a customer with good credit, we are still able to help instances when customers have adverse credit (i.e. missed payments, small CCJ's, defaults) please contact one of our account managers who will be able to look at your individual case.

How does the no deposit deal work?

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a £0 deposit option for all our customers, with this your monthly payment is slightly higher than a deal with a deposit but gives you the ability to not pay a deposit upfront. If you take advantage of a £0 deposit offer we need to secure the car for you, with this in mind we now take a credit/debit card number to secure the vehicle of your choice whilst we get the finance in place for you, nothing is taken off your card until we secure the finance for you.

Do I have to keep the car for the full length of the agreement?

Yet again, unlike many of our competitors who would only offer 1 or 2 ways of financing their new car, we have a large panel of lenders who in total offer over 8 different finance options. Every customers’ circumstances are different so where a PCH (Personal Contract Hire) might be good for one, a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or Lease Purchase is better for another and vice versa. Our aim is to offer our customers the most cost-effective way of financing their car. Our most popular finance methods are Lease Purchase and PCP. The reason for this is that the monthly payment is much lower than a contract hire and it also gives you more flexibility with regards to changing your vehicle before the end of the term, please speak to an account manager for more details of our finance options

When is my first payment taken?

Your first payment is taken approximately 4 weeks from when you sign the documents. You can arrange to have the payment taken on a date that suits you by contacting the finance company.

How long before I can have one?

We stock most of the vehicles in the used cars section at our premises so as soon as we receive the appropriate paperwork back we can arrange collection or delivery within just 10 days.

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