Vauxhall Insignia Review

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Vauxhall Insignia Review

23rd December 2014

A best seller both here at Hippo and around the globe is the Vauxhall Insignia. Along with the Corsa the Insignia is certainly is one of the best Vauxhalls currently on the market. The Insignia has been manufactured since 2008 and was a replacement for the incredibly popular Vectra.

What Car said ‘The Vauxhall Insignia looks stylish and has a smart cabin, and some of the diesel engines are very efficient’.

The Insignia is one of the better cars in its class in terms of styling, driving and running costs.

From the exterior the Insignia looks superb and very stylish, a lot better than the 61 plate model, thanks to its now larger grille, and new LED headlights. All in all a much smoother and curvier shape.

Although some of the interior of the Insignia remains unchanged such as the curvy dashboard and steering wheel, there are a few subtle changes that make a big difference. Vauxhall have decreased the amount of buttons on the centre of the Insignia so even though it’s now simpler it does look improved.

Due to tweaks in the Insignias suspension and steering, it now drives better than before and so it has no problem driving on either country lanes or motorways. You can hardly feel any bumps in the road nor hear much noise from the engine.

The Vauxhall Insignia is one of the more practical hatchbacks on the market. It offers 530 litres of boot space, five large seats and tons of head and leg room. There are plenty of cubby holes scattered around the cabin, a large glove box along with a lidded compartment between the front seats so you are not short on space. Whether you are a business man looking for the most desirable yet affordable business vehicle, or a parent wanting a practical family car, the Insignia is perfect for anyone.

As we have said the Insignia is most definitely reliable, not only reliable but efficient and economical. It’s available in many different sized engines so you will absolutely find what you are looking for.

The Insignia is given all the latest kit such as alloys, cruise control, ABS, trip computer, climate control, electric front windows, central locking and a CD player with auxiliary connectivity. Other specifications and models do offer different features but throughout the range the gadgets are more than ideal.

For a 62 plate Vauxhall insignia you could be looking at paying just £179.87 per month including VAT on apersonal car lease basis.

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