Which Motorists Are The Most Satisfied?

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Which Motorists Are The Most Satisfied?

14th August 2014

Auto Express have recently delved into the car buyer’s minds and asked a series of questions based on their habits, their satisfaction with their vehicle and how happy they are with the dealership in which they purchased from.

Genders are interesting in themselves as both sides have different opinions on the better manufacturers, the features they prefer and the most satisfying experience within dealerships.

For females they ranked as the very best manufacturers being Skoda, Dacia and Audi and the men only agreed on Skoda as being the best followed by MG and Jaguar. Opinions which you would suggest are down to the scale of purchases of those manufacturers in comparison to the more mainstream manufacturers including Ford and Vauxhall. Based on the figures for last year though, both males and females are much more satisfied in their vehicles.

Based on the different regions throughout the UK, the survey picked out the most and least satisfied regions. The East was slightly happier with their driving experiences than Wales and the South-West followed by Scotland in 4th place. The least satisfied drivers are in London, unsurprisingly based on the congestion and other well know conditions in the capital.

It also seems that your age will also play a part in how happy you are with your driving. The over 65’s are much happier with all aspects of driving including their overall car, reliability, performance and practicality. The opposite can be said for those 18-24 with lower scores in all the aforementioned categories.

It would be a safe assumption that once hitting retirement age that drivers will have selected a car right for them and got into one of a better standard. Drivers who are 18-24 and usually creating a career with motoring being done based on affordability rather than luxury or practicality.

The manufacturers and showrooms may be interested in knowing what the crucial factors are for buyers choosing a car. The most obvious one comes down to purchase price and this is followed, quite some distance behind in the scores, by safety features such as airbags, isofix etc. In third place is styling.

The three features considered least important are the brand, consumer reviews and the warranty period. All three which you could argue should all be part of the buying process, especially the reviews which could give buyers an interesting and unbiased insight on what to expect.

As the automotive grows and competition hot up for each and every sale, customers know they can go elsewhere and the results of such surveys play a big part in their future purchases. Of course it also influences what people tell their close friends and family about their experiences.

For manufacturers and dealerships it means a focus on customer service and quality after sales on top of fantastic vehicles. For the customers, it means a much broader market to sift looking for the best deals and service offered.

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