Which Pokémon Could Your Car Evolve Into?

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Which Pokémon Could Your Car Evolve Into?

15th July 2016

Imagine combining Pokémon with Disney Cars and having Pokémon as cars. What cars can you see Gengar or Golem being and what other cars they could evolve into?

Squirtle – Wartortle – Blastoise

When it comes to the popular and most famous of blue Pokémon, there is only one group of cars that can represent them in the motoring world. Squirtle is a great starter Pokémon, well known, and extremely popular so there is only one car in blue to match that. The Ford Fiesta is a highly reliable, popular car that is great for new drivers and long term drivers alike. It is reliable and depending on which model you are after, has bundles of potential.


Looking to upgrade from a Fiesta is like evolving from Squirtle into Wartortle after you have grown and worked together well. Looking for that bigger more powerful car, then consider a Ford Focus RS. This car is bigger, faster and more menacing than its smaller sibling the Fiesta in the same way that the Wartortle is bigger, faster and more aggressive than Squirtle.


If you are considering a final jump into a larger pick-up style vehicle, then only one car can represent the final evolution in the trio, Blastoise. Ford Ranger is an excellent pickup truck that has the power, the size and the capacity to give its owner, everything it needs.

Charmander – Charmeleon – Charizard

Red hot and fiery, Charmander is the starter Pokémon for the passionate and fearless trainers. When it comes to cars, there is one car that is a great first car, thanks to it being cute, reliable and practical, whilst looking amazing in red. Vauxhall Corsa is another great car for those looking for their first car or just for a reliable small hatchback.


Evolution time and there is only one way to go with a Corsa and that is to an Astra. Like Charmeleon, the evolution of Charmander, the Astra is bigger, more practical and faster than the Corsa. If you are looking for a more family friendly hatchback in red, then the Vauxhall Astra is one to consider.


For the final evolution into Charizard, we move away from Vauxhalls and head towards the Maserati Ghibli. This is a stunner of a car that has a big presence and ferocious engine. Maserati have made a fast, luxury saloon that looks like a beast and flies like a Charizard.


Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venasaur

The third option for a starter Pokémon is grass-type Bulbasaur and the third option for a first time driver or someone looking for a smaller hatchback, check out the Renault Clio. Clio similarly to the other starter cars is practical, quick and a brilliant first car for new drivers. It is also great for drivers looking for a small hatchback with decent sized boot and space inside.


Once Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur, you move on from the Clio and head to the Renault Megane. The bigger, more family friendly hatchback evolution of the Clio. It is bigger in size both outside, inside and in the boot. It is also more powerful and faster that the Clio making it great for motorways and normal roads.


Like Charmeleon and Charizard, Ivysaur evolves in Venasaur and we move away from Renault and head to Mercedes for the G-Class. The G-Class is bigger, a quality, luxury 4X4 car that is great in all locations, city driving, motorway driving and off-road driving. Like Venasaur, the Mercedes g-Class looks amazing in green and has the power to back it up.



There is a rumour that you don’t need to choose any of those starter Pokemon and can choose a fourth one. If you don’t fancy a Corsa, Fiesta or Clio in the same way you wouldn’t choose a Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur, why not go for a Pikachu… also known as a Skoda Citigo. Skoda Citigo is an excellent entry level car, looking great in yellow. The same way Ash started out with his entry level, yellow Pokemon, you can start out with a yellow Skoda Citigo now.


If Pokémon Go has inspired you to get out and walk, why not make it easier to catch them all by leasing a car. We have a variety of deals on lease cars including some of our Pokémon inspired vehicles and are available onPCP deals and others.


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