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Last Updated: 4th Apr 2019

They say that to produce a good wine, the vine must struggle - that this develops character and complexity, gravitas and nobility. If this is the case then the Aston Martin brand’s cup floweth over.


The fact that Aston Martin went bankrupt 7 times in the last century would normally indicate a tale of failure, but just like a good wine, the Aston Martin has a tribe of dedicated followers and benefactors which took it to where it is today, an international brand synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, elegance and, well, gravitas.


Think back to your earliest memory of Aston Martin. Is it the scene from Goldfinger with Sean Connery cruising up the drive of Stoke Park Golf Club in his DB5? Or perhaps, like me, a Corgi Goldfinger toy car with machine guns in the front, bullet proof shield and eye threatening ejector seat to propel your enemies elsewhere. Perhaps you have forgotten, but every time you see an iconic Aston it holds your eye and feels like it’s the first time – a car with more than just beauty alone.


Discover the current Aston range here at Hippo Leasing - from the BD11, the DBS, Vanquish and Vanquish S, Zagato and the Valkyrie elsewhere but it’s reassuring to know that Hippo have a long and successful relationship with prestige cars. A simple check of our prestige vehicles at