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Last Updated: 4th Apr 2019

The Bentley brand stands for much that is good about Britain even if it was purchased by Volkswagen in 2003. Trends come and go, but for the last 99 years the brand has stood for unmatched quality, performance (a serial winner of Le Mans in the early days) and uncompromising craftsmanship.


While it’s obviously of benefit to have such a rich heritage, the brand continues to look forward and we can be thankful that a select few still buy them and Bentley still make cars such as:


The New Mulsanne is the flagship model of the Bentley range and is designed to appeal to drivers with a taste for an opulent driving experience. To say that the leather and veneers transcend craftsmanship is to sell the Mulsanne short – yes, it’s ostentatious – but if you can afford to buy one, you are unlikely to care. The Bentayga a SUV may be technically accurate but fails to do this imposing monster justice and look out for the Bentayga hybrid which Bentley bill as the world’s first true luxury plug in SUV hybrid.


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