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BMW i8 Lease Deals

Half a decade ago pundits were heralding the death of the super car: average speed cameras, a war against motorists, real environmental concerns and issues – all was lost for driving and performance enthusiasts. Then along comes a car like the BMW i8 Coupe to put as smile on the face of drivers and car journalists, environmentalists and unblinking officials alike.


You may well remember the first time you saw the i8. It’s obviously very distinctive and a brave move from BMW where leaps of faith are not exactly encouraged when it comes to designs or engines and slow but steady improvement is the norm. The magic comes in the form of light materials and two engines, a relatively modest petrol engine that produces 231 bhp and powers the rear wheels while a 143bhp electric motor takes care of the front wheels. The BMW i8 Coupe weighs just over one and a half tonnes so there is not a lot to propel and that means that it is capable of doing 0-62 mph in only 4.4 seconds, which is astounding. Don’t forget the environmental factor, and you will note that the i8 Coupe has CO2 emissions as low as 42g/km… also amazing.


Inside, this futuristic fantasy also produces the goods with a cabin that would make the most discerning driver smirk and the roof only takes about 15 seconds to raise while the sports car can seat four adults. Also consider the two-seater Roadster with similar performance.


The i8 is a world class range of cars, and Hippo Leasing can offer you an attractive lease on one. Call Hippo Leasing on 01254 956 666 or email for our best BMW i8 lease deal that suits your needs.