Peugeot Van Lease Deals

Peugeot have a long and proud history of producing successful vans. The first was the Type 13 launched in 1895 though modern-day Peugeot buyers will be more familiar with the Boxer which had its origins in 1980, the Partner (in 1996) and the new Expert launched in 2016. Whichever Peugeot van you select, you know that you can count on reliability, efficiency (Peugeot has the second lowest average CO2 emissions across European manufactures of all vehicles) and a certain undaunted Gallic flair which when combined with a hard working British type makes a formidable combination. The Partner is a great, dashing and willing helper while the Partner makes easy work of loads up to 1 tonne (depending on version) and 4.4 cubic meters of load. The Expert Van has a payload of up to 1499kg's (Come on Louis, you could have found the extra 1kg somewhere!) and the hugely popular Boxer will swallow up to 1,900 kgs and 17 cubic metres of load. All of these versions are reviewed elsewhere but it's comforting to know that whatever the panel van situation, Peugeot have got you covered. At Hippo we don't go quite as far back as 1895 but the Preston family have been trading in the Blackburn area since 1906 and Hippo itself has well over a decade under the belt. Call us today on 01254 956 666 or email We deliver nationwide and also have a wide selection of used Peugeots available.