Renault Vans Lease Deals

Renault has a long and successful history of producing vans. The first example actually came way back in 1900 when it produced the Type C Milkman van and over the years Renault have produced such iconic commercial vehicles as the Estafette. All of the Renault vans below are reviewed in more detail elsewhere on the Hippo site but it's good to know that Renault cover the whole field of panel van excellence from the small but mighty Kangoo through to the clever and dynamic Trafic and the workman like Master. The Kangoo has two main versions, the standard Kangoo and the new 100% electric Kangoo ZE 33. The former is already well proven and a popular lease vehicle and the standard will accommodate up to 3.6 cubic metres while the Maxi Van will go up to 4.6 cubic metres. The Trafic is also a well-known hero to small and large businesses and is available as a panel van, a crew van or as a pure people carrier with load volumes on the panel van of up to 8.6 cubic metres. The Master is the big boy Renault panel van and will swallow up to 17 cubic metres with a payload of over 2 tonnes while the crew van version is built to take 7 people. Whichever Renault van is the right size for you, you can be assured that Hippo is on your side to make sure you get a fantastic lease deal. Call us on 01254 956 666 or email us at today.