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Honda personal leasing is the best way to rent a dependable car without having to worry about car ownership or depreciating car value. With deals starting at under £200 a month, leasing a Honda is both a realistic and exciting opportunity so that you can hire cars like the stylish Civic or the functional Jazz.

If you want to get your personal lease finance in place before finding your car, you can apply for pre-finance approval which will give us an indicator as to whether you’ll be accepted for finance. We have hundreds of new and used Hondas available for lease; browse our range of in-stock vehicles or speak to us about sourcing a car with specific requirements.

The Hippo Commitment

The Hippo Commitment

Tick 1000's of car leasing deals to compare
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How does Honda personal leasing work?

The Hippo leasing process is simple; pick the car you want and factor in your monthly budget, then get in touch with us, and we’ll arrange your lease agreement. 

Once your lease is complete, you can return the vehicle and get a new car, or pay a balloon payment, so you own the vehicle outright. Either way, you’re in for years of dependable, reliable driving with a Honda personal lease deal.

We have a variety of leasing options for you to choose from, such as personal contract hire (PCH), personal contract purchase (PCP), hire purchase (HP), and lease-purchase deals. Whether you’re looking for something safe and economical or family-friendly, we can help you get a great lease deal on a Honda.

How much does it cost to lease a Honda?

Before committing to lease a Honda, consider the affordability of the lease. The following factors will confirm the value of your monthly payments:

  • The present value of the car
  • What the car is worth at the end of the agreement (doesn’t apply to Hire Purchase)
  • How old the car is
  • The length of your contract agreement
  • The size of your deposit
  • Your credit score
  • Your predicted and actual mileage
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