Overhauled it’s got it all: The Mitsubishi L200

Date Posted 14th August 2019
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When the previous version of the Mitsubishi L200 was released, it wasn’t all that customers had wished for – they wanted something ‘tougher’ and ‘more masculine’. Leaping on this, the lead designer dabbled with the design and in 2019, brought the terrain-tackling Mitsubishi L200 Double DI-D 150 Cab Warrior to market.

In terms of kit, the pickup truck has taken the shape of a normal car with all the benefits of a van without being overbearing more and more over the years, making it a vehicle that would be down anyone’s alley.

With Pick-up of the Year awards packed into its 475mm deep load bed, no rival stands a chance against this Mitsubishi model.

What are the benefits of Mitsubishi L200 Double D Cab Warrior?

  1. Easy to load and unload items

It’s easier to access items from the open pickup bed of the Mitsubishi L200 compared with grabbing them out of the load space of an enclosed cargo van, so it’s great if you’re looking to use it as a working vehicle to store tools and equipment, or transport goods.

The load bay measures 1,470mm square and is 475mm deep – which is a little deeper than the old car. Clip the soft-opening tailgate with a safety mechanism to prevent the boot opening whilst on the move, and you’ll be inside the trunk.  

  1.     A durable ride

Body roll is minimised by the rugged suspension with double wishbones, coil springs and a stabiliser bar in front and above-the-axle leaf, and larger rear dampers deal with bumps a lot better too.


Engineered to withstand higher temperatures is the 2.4 litre diesel engine, which will last longer than a petrol engine and will produce greater amounts of torque through emitting more energy.

  1.     Terrific at towing trailers

The Mitsubishi L200 is top dog at towing three-axle braked trailers which weigh up to 3.5 tonnes.  

Bulky in stature, yet lightweight, the Mitsubishi does not lose too much momentum when heaving goods or a trailer for the daily grind, or a mobile home for the family holiday in the countryside.

Fitted with Trailer Ability Assist (TSA), this technology keeps you on the straight and narrow and stops you from swaying in the wind by keeping tabs on your engine power and braking force.

  1. Excellent on inclines and rocky roads

Rolling over rocky terrain on the 18” alloy wheels?

Or rolling backwards down the hill?

The Active Stability & Traction Control system (ASTC) uses onboard sensors to analyse the vehicle’s motion and identify any unstable movement. By automatically adjusting engine output and applying braking power to the appropriate wheels, ASTC helps to maintain stability and control and applies braking force to the spinning wheels for smooth starts and straight-line acceleration.

Hill starts can be a hindrance to us when we’re in a hurry – we must bring the clutch up to bite just right and push the accelerator gently to move away safely. In the Mitsubishi L200, you get Hill Start Assist (HSA) technology, which holds the brake in place and prevents you from rolling backwards until you press the gas pedal.

  1.     It’s got your back to stay on track

As well as Blind Spot Detection and Lane Change Assist, this ultimate off-roader is fitted with Lane Departure Warning technology to alert you to drifting off course at a speed of 40mph. This lane departure warning system works via an audible alarm and a camera which is mounted in the windshield.

Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) detects possible collisions with vehicles and pedestrians ahead, and gives the driver visual and audible warnings, while Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) works in a similar way, but when reversing.

High tensile strength plates built into the exterior shell also contribute to a high level of collision safety.

Whether you’re scooting off on a camping expedition, biking your way up and down windy hills or travelling to work, this Mitsubishi pick-up truck is an unflinching tyke for any type of adventure.

You can lease the Mitsubishi L200 from Hippo for just £287.99 per month on personal lease, or £239.99 per month on business lease.


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