Suzuki Jimny vs Dacia Duster

Date Posted 17th May 2019
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The Dacia Duster and Suzuki Jimny turned in their revved-up resumes to Hippo Leasing for us to find out if they’re the right cars for your kinds of jobs.

What rings true for both these road buggies is that they are souped up with the suspension, safety kit and technology to tackle rugged terrain and unchartered territory.

Is the Dacia Duster cut out for off-road ordeals?

Can the Suzuki Jimny handle steep slopes and slippery surfaces?

Let’s find out by comparing their similarites and differences..

Off-road ability for all weather conditions

With 4×4 modes and high ground clearance on rough terrain, both these barbarians of the motor world are fighting fit when it comes to off-road travel.

To ensure that your 16” steel wheels don’t spin in wrong direction, the Dacia Duster through its compass-led 4×4 monitor, will alert you to the vehicle’s angle in real time. Gear up to the Prestige model and you get 17” diamond cut alloy wheels for even better leeway between the road and the bottom of the vehicle.

In a similar way, the Suzuki Jimny is fitted with ALLGRIP 4WD technology, which is ready to handle all conditions with an ample departure angle to help you tackle steep slopes.

First introduced in the disco-dancing, or rather disco-driving, 1970s, the Suzuki 4WD model has come a long way in terms of a refined driving experience. The evolutionary ALLGRIP technology on the car can detect when the car is losing grip on slippery roads and snowy surfaces, automatically distributing torque to the rear wheels.

Hill starts and smooth sailing

Sometimes you’re cruising down the motorway, sometimes you want to get off the main roads and explore uncharted territory. Either way, the All-New unyielding Dacia Duster and the stoic Suzuki Jimny both know how to defeat mountainous plains.

Hill Start Assist in the Duster, and Hill Hold in the Jimny, make light work of the steepest slopes, while the Hill Descent Control in both vehicles keeps you on top of your speed. And so that your eyes can stay focused on the road, the multiview camera detects objects around you for smooth sailing.

Comfortable seats Vs comfortable steering

When it comes to driver and passenger comfort, we think the Duster has the edge. Sink into plush seats with enhanced lateral support, denser foam, longer cushions, plus armrests and new height-adjustment system which are both available on the Comfort Trim. For ultimate comfort, heated and leather seats are available on the Prestige model, as an option to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your journey.

In contrast, the Suzuki Jimny may not have the most comfortable seats, but there’s just enough space to seat two adults. The drive itself is comfortable though, as the model is equipped with a steering damper on the front suspension to minimise steering wheel vibration and let the driver kickback during off-the-beaten-track adventures.

There’s an electrical power-assisted steering system in the Dacia Duster too, which makes it a smooth operator of the road.

Pack your luggage for adventure

In the Suzuki Jimny, there’s expansive space for luggage, just fold down the rear seats to create 377 litres of room! Due to its high ground clearance, you will have to flex those muscles to heave heavy items into the boot, but you’re going to get that with most off-roaders which have been designed with height in mind anyway.

With the 60/40 folding rear bench seat in the Dacia Duster, the passenger compartment can be adapted to carry everything you need. The storage in the cabin stands at 28.6 litres in the Comfort model, so you can take what you want, where you want. You can also opt for a roof box, secured with a lock assist to protect your possessions, to increase the loading volume of your vehicle and travel without compromise.

Safety features

The grip and switches in the Suzuki Jimny are easy to operate, so that it can be handled in off-road conditions while wearing gloves, ensuring a stable drive across rough terrain. You also get a tyre pressure monitoring system to maximise the reliability of your braking.

Of course, you can’t rely solely on the Blind Spot Warning system in the Dacia Duster, but with four ultrasound sensors, the All-New Dacia Duster lets you know when any vehicles at the back or side are between three and five metres away. If a car manoeuvres its wheels into your blind spot, a warning light flashes automatically in the door mirror, and if your indicator is on, a warning light flashes in the rear-view mirror. The system works between 19mph and 70mph.

Anti-lock braking systems come as a standard on both vehicles, to help you maintain control of your vehicle on the road and prevent lock-ups and skidding in slippery conditions.

Have they got the looks?

If you’re on the lookout for an SUV, it’s likely that you’re seeking a car with a sense of adventure, and the Suzuki Jimny has the action-packed looks to match the way its 1.5 litre engine punches the road. The mud-buster is compact and hints to something Lara Croft would be likely to drive, although not quite as bulky.

The Dacia Duster however is not quite as charismatic and focuses on practicality rather than vanity. What you do you get on the Duster which shows a glimmer of its personality though is ‘ready-for-anything’ roof bars and a front lighting signature, both features that the Jimny is missing.

Who’s our overall winner?

Both the Suzuki Jimny and the Dacia Duster are robust with ample storage, driving goodbye to the beaten track and saying hello to new and exciting discoveries.

To sum up, the Suzuki Jimny looks more like a car that is set for safari, and the Dacia Duster looks more like… well, a car! So it just comes down to what you’re after – an Amazon rainforest rebel, or a car that can clearly still handle it off-piste, but won’t draw as much attention on normal roads.

Which one is it going to be for you?

Have a nosey at our deals on the Suzuki Jimny or Dacia Duster by clicking the model names highlighted.

We have a team of vehicle and leasing specialists here at Hippo, who are here to help you get the best Suzuki Jimny or Dacia Duster lease deal for you. Whether it’s a personal, business, no deposit or bad credit deal you are looking for, call us today on 01254 956 666 or email

Goodbye to the beaten track…

Hello to new discoveries!

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