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PCP lease deals

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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a lease arrangement that allows you to drive a top-level vehicle while paying a recurring monthly payment. 

If you’re looking for a vehicle upgrade, consider a PCP agreement if you want flexibility and a range of options with your agreement. 

Plus, getting a PCP car from Hippo Leasing is easier than ever before! All you need to do is fill out our preapproval application, get accepted for leasing finance, pick your car and then have your car delivered to your door. We’ll even take away your old car as part exchange.

You can see some of our exclusive PCP lease deals below. Alternatively, use the search facility above if you’d like to look for something more specific. If you can’t find the car you’re looking for, please contact us, and we’ll source it for you.

Read on below to learn more about PCP, how it works and how to get a PCP car deal right for you.


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What is PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)?

PCP (or Personal Contract Purchase) is a type of personal car leasing and is one of the most popular ways of buying a car. A PCP leasing agreement is simple and offers great flexibility to the customer. You choose a car, pay the deposit if you have one, agree on a monthly payment and drive away. A personal contract purchase can be thought of as a long-term rental, allowing you to use the car until the contract ends.

Once the monthly payments of your fixed term have been completed, your options will be to:

1. Return the car – there will be no extra charges if the vehicle is returned within the agreed mileage and wear and tear guidelines.
2.Buy the car – you will have to make a final payment known as a balloon payment (future value figure) then the car is legally yours.
3.Part exchange for a new car using the equity built up in your current deal.

How does PCP work?

PCP car leasing works by allowing customers to spread the cost of a car over a long period, typically between two and five years, but without ever owning the car outright. Sometimes a deposit is also required, though no deposit deals can also be found.

The monthly payments with a PCP plan do not contribute to the cost of the vehicle, rather they cover the depreciation of the vehicle over the lease length. This simply means you will be repaying the difference between what the car is worth at the start of the lease and what the dealer thinks it will be worth at the end of the lease (the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value).

Can you lease a used car and how does it work?


Is PCP a good idea?

Depending on your circumstances and personal needs, personal contract purchase can be a great solution when buying a car. If you want the flexibility to change your car every 2 or 3 years, and like the idea of a hassle-free arrangement, PCP can be an ideal solution. You simply need to be aware of restrictions like mileage limits and wear and tear damage, as these can incur additional costs.

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