Halloween: 4 spooky scenes caught on dashcam

Date Posted 27th October 2021
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With more and more people resorting to using dashcams to avoid insurance scams and as proof of dangerous driving, one thing that has come out of the trend is the amount of crazy footage that often finds its way on to YouTube.

But, as it’s Halloween, we’re focusing on some of the more, erm, spooky scenes caught on dashcam. Starting with…

Spectral Scare

Footage caught on dashcam in Malaysia reveals a mysterious lady walking along the road… only for the driver to discover her again further up the road. And again in a spooky repetition. Is she a ghostly spectre? Or was it a bunch of friends on a night out who all decided to wear the same thing and missed the last train home? Or is it good old fashioned camera trickery?

Either way the final time the driver saw the woman resulted in them reversing back the way they’d come… although we assume they just saw the ghost in reverse this time.

Hitchhiking Haunter

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtyLNS9DDEY

While there’s nothing mysterious about someone walking down a road in the dead of night, this one gives us the chills due to the ethereal appearance and the way the person appears to be hovering going down the road like some sort of road roomba.

We’re sure the motorcycle rider sped up after passing whatever it was.

Winding Road Witch

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfp-tcfMOdU

This clip from Horror Galore claims it’s footage of a real witch caught on dashcam in Saudi Arabia. And with its unnatural body shape movements and hidden face it’s certainly one of the creepiest clips we’ve seen.

We’ve culled the spookiest part of this dashcam footage, to see the whole thing make sure to click the link and hear how frightened the driver actually is.

Motorway mystery

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JzLJYVQZ4E

While seeing someone walking down the central reservation of a motorway is frightening no matter where or when it happens, this footage caught on dashcam is similar to the haunting hitchhiker above in that the figure seen has somewhat of an otherworldly and transparent appearance.

Trick of the light or another motorway mystery?

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