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Car leasing is the new normal when it comes to driving a car in the UK. The popularity of leasing has soared in recent years as people look to drive the latest cars for a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking for a cheap car leasing deal for business or personal use you’re in the right place. We’re one of the UK’s leading leasing companies and have 1000s of cars, vans and cheap car leasing deals that’ll get you behind the wheel of a motor you’ll love.

We give you access to the latest makes and models, from leading manufacturers such as Ford, BMW and Audi. We also provide vans and electric and hybrid car lease deals, so you’re always guaranteed to find the vehicle you want.

We’re specialist credit brokers working with a diverse panel of lenders and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we help people from various financial backgrounds, and our friendly team are always available to give you advice!

Check out our best lease deals of 2021 and find your perfect car today! We’re sure you’ll find the car and deal you’re looking for, but if not then why not give us a call? We can source almost any vehicle!



What is car leasing?

Put simply, car leasing is a hassle-free, cost-effective way to drive a new car every few years without paying huge amounts of money. Simply decide how many miles you’ll drive each year and pay a fixed monthly amount over an agreed period of time. At the end of the lease you simply hand the car back.

The great thing about leasing is how flexible it is – you can tailor your lease to your exact requirements. We offer cheap lease deals from a wide range of manufacturers and you can adjust your mileage, deposit amount and contract type to suit your needs and your budget.

The leasing process is quick, easy and hassle-free so that you can get on the road as soon as possible!

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What is car leasing?
What is <span>car leasing?
The Process

How does car leasing work?

  • Find your dream car
    Find your dream car

    Browse 1000s of models from leading manufacturers like Ford, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

  • Get pre-approved
    Customise your deal

    Personalise your lease by picking your mileage, lease term, contract type and deposit amount.

  • Reserve your car online
    Enquire or apply online

    Get a decision in minutes - apply online or send us an enquiry and we'll get in touch!

  • Start driving
    Start driving

    We'll deliver your car free of charge, or alternatively, you can collect it from our showroom!

The Perks

Benefits of car leasing

  • Checkmark Low monthly payments
    You aren’t paying to own the car, so you’re only paying for the cost of depreciation – which means leasing keeps your payments low.
  • Checkmark Flexible deposit options
    You can choose to put down as much or as little deposit as you want, keeping your lease deal convenient to your financial situation.
  • Checkmark Avoid maintenance costs
    If you get a new car, it’ll be backed by a warranty, so you’ll be able to save money on repairs. New cars don’t need MOTs for three years, either.
  • Checkmark Easy returns
    Don’t worry about selling your car; return it for a vehicle for a standard fair wear and tear and mileage check, and lease your next vehicle straight away.
  • Checkmark Choice of new cars
    Because leasing keeps your payments low, you can access newer, better vehicles with higher spec levels. Get the newest models with the latest tech and safety features. .
  • Checkmark No depreciation worries
    When you buy a car, you always have one eye on its resale price. However, when you lease, you don’t need to worry because you can hand the vehicle back.
The Perks
Benefits of car leasing
<span>Benefits</span> of car leasing

Electric and hybrid car leasing

We’re planning for the future, which is why we offer a range of electric and hybrid cars at excellent rates.

As the market is still young, there’s no better time to lease an electric or hybrid car. You get to test new vehicles without the commitment and huge expense of buying an electric vehicle.

We have various makes and models, from the popular Nissan Leaf to the Peugeot Partner Electric, so we’ll get you a car no matter your requirements.

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Electric and hybrid car leasing
Electric and hybrid car leasing
Customer Testimonials

What do our customers say?

View our Trustpilot reviews
  • This was my first experience of car leasing. The whole process from start to finish went smoothly, and the car was what I wanted and was delivered on time.
    - Sylwia Trzaskowska
  • This was my first experience of car leasing. The whole process from start to finish went smoothly, and the car was what I wanted and was delivered on time.
    - Sylwia Trzaskowska
  • This was my first experience of car leasing. The whole process from start to finish went smoothly, and the car was what I wanted and was delivered on time.
    - Sylwia Trzaskowska

Why choose Hippo?

  • Checkmark Long-term relationships
    We maintain trusted relationships with people and pride ourselves on having many happy returning car leasing customers
  • Checkmark Knowledgeable account managers
    All our account managers are trained to get you the best deal and car in our low-pressure sales environment.
  • Checkmark 14-day money-back guarantee
    We’re confident you’ll love your vehicle, but if you don’t, we offer a no-quibble 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Checkmark Free 172-point inspection
    If you lease a used car, we won’t allow it to leave our showroom before it’s passed out 172-point inspection.
  • Checkmark Check your eligibility
    Before we apply for finance, we perform a no-risk soft credit check to determine your chance of being accepted.
  • Checkmark Collection and delivery
    You can either collect your vehicle from our Blackburn-based showroom or deliver it to any UK address.
Why choose Hippo?
Why <span>choose</span> Hippo?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Help Desk Arrow Right

If you want to switch cars every few years and want access to the best vehicles at a fraction of the price, leasing is worth it. Likewise, if you want to avoid the high costs and responsibility of car ownership, leasing is a worthwhile alternative option.

Your final monthly payment will depend on various factors, such as your mileage allowance, contract type, car, the age of the vehicle and your deposit amount. However, we have car lease deals from as little as £99 a month.

It depends on what you want from your vehicle and agreement. If you like the idea of owning an asset, then you’re better off buying, but if you like to switch cars every few years, leasing is a better option.

We offer leases on both new and used vehicles. All our used cars have to pass our 172-point inspection before we lease them, so you know you’re getting a quality car. For added peace of mind we also offer a 14 day money back guarantee on our used vehicles!

We don’t include insurance with our lease deals. You’ll get a better rate if you use comparison sites. You’ll need to insure your car before you drive it.