BMW i4 M50 review: the most fun you can have on the road?

Date Posted 20th June 2022
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10 /10
This score is awarded from expert testing
BMW i4
What’s Great
  • Driver focused all-electric
  • Conventional design
What’s Not So Great
  • It’s… nope, can’t think of anything.
  • Oh, the touch controls are fiddly

The BMW i4 M50 signifies the future is bright for the M performance division. It’s impressively normal and yet superhuman when it comes to performance: this makes it the perfect choice for those who want an electric car that’s also a driver’s car. No gimmicks required.

While we gave the Kia EV6 a perfect score in our last review, stating it is the perfect electric car for the here and now, it’s very much a car that appeals to the head. As you can see above, we’ve given the BMW i4 M50 a perfect score too, and it sits at the opposite end of the spectrum because this is very much a car that appeals to the heart. Find out why below…

BMW i4 M50 exterior

Wait, what?! This electric car looks like *gasp* just a… normal car ?

Yes, that’s right, there’s no futuristic design flourishes, no spaceship-esque dimensions, no gimmicks, in fact nothing really signifies this is an EV unless you know.

The famed BMW kidney grilles, the upgrade of which have been a point of contention for a couple of years now, really looks great blanked in for this EV as there’s no engine for the open vents to cool. The area also doubles up for a range of front sensors which come into their own for the various safety features.

Bumpers are sportier and lowered over the standard i4 for optimum performance, a theme which continues as you look over the rest of the car: 20” inch alloys with M Sport callipers make the wheels really stand out with vents rounding off the front bumper features. Side skirts are another uniquely sporty feature while the flush door handles are the first real hint you’re dealing with an EV.

The swooping roofline frames the coupe-esque rear of the car, with sculpted rear lights and subtle boot-spoiler exemplifying the understated elegance of the car. Where exhausts would traditionally be you can now find a continual diffuser instead. All in all, its muscular, sporty, but paradoxically subtle too.

BMW i4 M50 interior and tech

Stepping inside the car, the interior fit and finish is top quality and certainly up to BMW’s traditional standards even if this is very much a non-traditional car. Every surface you touch feels upmarket and electric blue accents feature throughout the cabin, namely on the start/stop button and gear level, again, subtly reminding you you are in an electric car.

You eye is immediately drawn to the curved 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment display when you take the driver’s seat, with this driver-centric feature offering high-def graphics which provide a highly responsive and easily navigable service. The screen stretches to include a 2.3-inch digital driver display too which offers you a variety of useful information.

You sit nice and low, with the seat and steering wheel highly adjustable to your comfort. The sporty bucket seats cosset you well through any corners too while the centre console provides plenty of storage. As usual with BMW, a rotary dial features if you would prefer to use that instead of the touchscreen.

BMW i4 M50 driving and performance

Now for the fun part. The M50 is ridiculously quick by conventional car standards and is a car that engenders feelings of care-free happiness.

This is thanks in part to the dual-motor set up which helps achieve 0-62 in a mere 3.9s. When accelerating the simulated engine sounds like the Jaws theme music from start and simulates the lowdown growls and revs you’d expect from a conventional M car, with the cabin accurately reflecting the revs as you progress through the ‘gears’ of the EV. These unique touches are courtesy of famed Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer, who provided what can only be described as a replication of a cartoon slide-whistle to signify acceleration and deceleration.

Needless to say the charge reduces quickly the more you accelerate, and that can put you off from getting the most out of the car especially when you’re on a high speed road. However, if you’re into high-speed thrills akin to a rollercoaster and living on the edge as your battery charge decreases then putting your foot down is highly recommended to truly get the most from the M50.

Road grip is phenomenal too, with precision steering keeping you on an even keel at all times, and thanks to those dual motors it can launch you out of any corner onto a straight like a rocket by perfectly switching between break traction and ludicrous acceleration. It’s fluid and instinctive and gives any driver of any capability the most confidence.

BMW i4 M50 efficiency and range

The BMW i4 M50 offers an official driving range of 318 miles combined. Efficiency-wise it equates to around 5 miles per kWh in the city or around three miles combined.

When it comes to charging, the i4 M50 can be charged in 13 hours using an 7.4kW AC wallbox at a rate of 21 miles per hour of charge. Direct Charging using a 50kW rapid charger takes 71 minutes to go from 10-80%. If you have access to a 150kW DC fast charger this can be achieved in just over 30 minutes.

BMW i4 M50 model details

Battery: 80.7kWh
Range: 328 miles (combined)
Max power: 544hp
Max torque: 350 Nm
0-62mph: 3.9s
OTR price: £63,905

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