BMW 5 Series Lease Deals

BMW has targeted the executive market with the seriously good-looking 5 Series saloon car, and we think it's hit it the bull's eye. The 5 Series offers the German marque's premium driving experience for all driving enthusiasts. The luxury vehicle is designed to offer high performance and unmatched comfort, which it delivers in spades. Handling is a breeze with this refined luxury car, giving a smooth ride for anyone driving it and the huge number of features that come with the car make it a seamless drive at all times. The car is efficient too, with the 520d M Sport delivering a combined efficiency of 141.3mpg for the petrol/plug-in electric hybrid 530e or up to 72.4mpg with the 520d Efficientdynamics - with efficiency like that, the 5 Series is an excellent consideration for a business car thanks to favourable tax from cleaner CO2 emissions. Whether you are looking at the BMW 5 Series as a private customer or a business, financing the car through leasing will make a lot of sense and provide lots of peace of mind. Hippo Leasing offers lease deals for new and used BMW 5 Series and can offer finance for no-deposit and low-credit lease agreements. We also deliver our cars nationwide, so no matter where you plan on driving this prestige car, we can get it to you with no hassle. Simply browse our range of deals available to you and enquire online today using the form on the deal page. To find out more about leasing a BMW 5 Series saloon, simply enquire online by emailing or calling 01254 956 666 and our team will be happy to assist you.
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