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Car Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 14th Dec 2016

We get asked lots of different questions about car leasing, no deposit car leasing and bad credit leasing. We’ve put together a few of our frequently asked questions and answered them for you below.

I don’t know what car I want?

Not a problem! Our team are experts and one thing you will know is your budget. With this information, we can source or suggest a car to fit your budget, requirements and anything else you need. Fill out an enquiry form and we will be in touch to get started.

How does car leasing work?

If you haven’t seen our straightforward guide to car leasing then you can find out everything you need to know here: How Does Car Leasing Work?

What are your admin fees?

Unlike most brokers we only have one additional fee and that is just £39.99 Inc. vat. This is to enable us to produce documents and reserve the vehicle in your name.

Can I lease a car even with bad or poor credit?

Yes! We have lots of lenders who accept customers who have a history of bad or poor credit. Issues you have experienced can be things such as CCJ’s, missed payments and bankruptcy. Bad credit leasing is popular to get customers into newer cars when they have experienced credit issues.

Do you deliver?

We deliver throughout the UK.

Why can I lease a car without deposit?

Used lease cars can be fully funded without a deposit. We have access to various packages that aren’t available to all brokers and this is why we can command such fantastic monthly payments without a deposit required.

Do I need to be credit checked?

Yes. With all finance and leasing agreements a credit check will need to be carried out. Once the credit check has been carried out our internal underwriters will decide which funder you are most likely to be accepted with. This way we reduce the chances of a decline and negative print on your credit file.

Why do you lease used cars and why would I have a used car instead of new?

New vehicles can take months to arrive and the dealers will always ask for a much more substantial deposit. When you are likely to hand back the vehicle the appeal of parting with a few thousand pounds for a deposit is going to be minimal!

An ex demo vehicle is only like driving a partly used vehicle and it means you can get a better specification vehicle for your budget in return on a compromise for a few miles on the clock.

How long until I will get my car?

If you opt for a used lease car you can have it delivered in between 5-10 working days. This is after you have signed your documents. We stock most of our vehicles so they are ready to go quickly! Brand new cars are subject to availability so lead times can be longer. 

You also have the choice of collecting your used lease vehicle. If you do opt to do this it can be a little quicker!

What happens if I go over my annual mileage?

On a contract hire you will be charged per mile if you exceed your initial agreed miles. For a PCP if you exceed your annual mileage this will affect your vehicles future value when you trade it in or hand it back.

Is warranty included in the lease vehicle price?

Most of our stocked lease vehicles have remaining balance of manufacturer’s warranty on them. If the warranty has expired an additional comprehensive warranty can be added. You can find out more about our additional products here.

Does insurance come with the cars you lease?

Unfortunately not. There is a good reason for this, though. When it comes to insurance there are many variables that determine a price. If we quoted one price for all customers there would be very few that would pay less than if they sourced a price online. As we don’t add insurance we can lease cars at a more affordable price and savings can be made on sourcing your own insurance!

What happens once my contract ends?

Depending on your agreement type your options will be different. You will have a number of or one of the following options

1. Buy the vehicle – Some agreements offer a balloon payment whereby you can pay off the rest of the value of the car and own it.

2. Return the vehicle – Once your lease ends you can hand the vehicle back.

3. Upgrade – an early upgrade is possible on some agreements. On others you can upgrade at the end of your agreement.

Who MOT’s and Services the vehicle?

The person who leases the car is responsible for maintaining the vehicle through servicing and MOT.

How do I tax my vehicle?

As of the 1st of October 2014 HMRC have made it the customer’s responsibility to tax the vehicle that they use. You can do this via a monthly direct debit or a one off payment, the good news being that if there is any tax left on the car when you decide to change it this will be refunded to you. Brand new lease cars come with road fund license for the duration of the lease.

How do I know when my MOT is due?

We suggest using this free tool to check when your MOT is due on your lease car: