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Affordable personal car leasing deals

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Car leasing is becoming more popular every year as people seek to drive better cars for a fraction of the price.

Personal car leasing is a hugely popular way to upgrade your car and drive it away the same day, and at the end of your lease you simply return it. Starting at just £99 per month, it’s a cheap and affordable option thanks to its fixed monthly payments across the huge variety of vehicles you can choose from

Browse our range of more than 8,000 new and used cars and enquire online today to lease the car of your dreams. We also offer competitive rates on business lease deals too.

We stock cars from well-known manufacturers like BMW and Toyota and more niche brands like MG and Polestar and have deals on all the latest models. Once you’ve chosen your car we’ll even have it delivered to your door!

Keep reading to discover the benefits of leasing with Hippo, the different types of lease contracts we offer and our best deals for 2021.  If you can’t find the car you want, get in touch on 01254 956666 and we’ll source it for you!


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The Process

How does car leasing work?

  • Find your dream car
    Find your dream car

    Browse 1000s of models from leading manufacturers like Ford, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

  • Get pre-approved
    Customise your deal

    Personalise your lease by picking your mileage, lease term, contract type and deposit amount.

  • Reserve your car online
    Enquire or apply online

    Get a decision in minutes - apply online or send us an enquiry and we'll get in touch!

  • Start driving
    Start driving

    We'll deliver your car free of charge, or alternatively, you can collect it from our showroom!


Who can lease a car?

Personal Car Leasing

Personal car leasing

We offer personal leases to support your lifestyle, whether you need a car to get you to work and back, pack up your camping gear for a weekend away or taxi your kids around! We’ll help you find a personal lease deal that suits your lifestyle.

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Business Car Leasing

Business car leasing

We offer business leases that help your business operations, whether you’re a sole trader who needs a car to transport your tools or business executive that needs to look sharp when turning up to important meetings. We offer individual cars and fleets.

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Your car leasing options

What type of lease contracts do you offer?

Personal contract purchase
The most popular and most versatile lease contract, PCP allows you to return the car at the end of your agreement or pay a balloon payment to own it, so you can leave your options open.
Personal contract hire
PCH is a fixed arrangement, and is suited to people that know they don’t want to buy the car. You won’t have the option to buy, and you return your vehicle at the end of the contract and lease another.
Lease purchase
LP is also a fixed arrangement for people who know they want to own the car at the end of the agreement. You won’t have the option to return the vehicle, and you’ll have to pay the compulsory balloon payment.
In the know

How much does personal car leasing cost?

While leasing is affordable and often cheaper than paying to own a car, it’s good to know the factors that determine your monthly payments, which are:

  • The value of the car today
  • What your car is expected to be worth at the end of your agreement (not applicable on HP agreements)
  • The age of the car
  • The length of the agreement (from 24 to 60 months)
  • The initial deposit
  • Your credit score (a bad credit lease can still be economical)
  • Your yearly mileage

The car’s age is an important factor as a used car can significantly lower your monthly payment. For example, a brand new city-car can cost less than £140 a month over 48-months with a six-month initial payment; a used lease car can cost as little as £99 a month for the same contract terms.

In the know
How much does personal car leasing cost?
How much does personal car leasing cost?
Plenty of choices

Get a personal lease deal that suits your lifestyle

Leasing is no longer a niche part of the market; it’s mainstream. Our lives and jobs change more frequently, so changing cars every few years allows us to stay flexible and adapt vehicles to our lifestyle.

For example, some people love to turn heads when they get out of their car at work, others need space for carrying equipment for their weekend hobby, and others need plenty of room for their family brigade. We know this, so we stock a range of cars from various manufacturers, like well-known brands Ford to niche brands like Tesla. We’ll get you a car and deal that complements your lifestyle.

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Plenty of choices
Get a personal lease deal that suits your lifestyle
Get a personal lease deal that suits your <span>lifestyle</span>

Lease an electric or hybrid car

If you want to lessen your carbon footprint and help the environment, leasing a hybrid or electric car is a welcome lifestyle choice.

Hybrids have been available for personal lease for some time now, and there are more electric vehicles released every year, so there’s plenty of choices.

We have a selection of hybrid and all-electric vehicles to lease, such as the well-respected Toyota Prius to the futuristic Volkswagen ID.3.

View all electric and hybrid lease deals

Lease an electric or hybrid car
Lease an electric or hybrid car
Customer stories

Hippo leasing was absolutely superb

This was the first time I had taken a personal lease, and they guided me through the whole process.
I was assigned an Account Manager called Joanne, who did a brilliant job looking at my budget, requirements and how I would use the car.

Joanne managed to find a deal where I had no deposit to pay, three months free and all of this well within my budget. I didn’t think I’d get a car this good for the price. Thank you Hippo Leasing and thank you, Joanne.

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Customer stories
Hippo leasing was absolutely superb
Hippo leasing was absolutely <span>superb</span>
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Check your eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions

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The car leasing process is simple with Hippo. All you have to do is find a car that matches your budget and requirements and fill out our short eligibility application to find out if you’re preapproved (with no effect on your credit score). You’ll get a dedicated account manager who’ll go through the rest of your application with you. Once your agreement is finalised, you can pick up your car from our showroom or we can deliver it to any address in the UK. Once your lease is over, return your car and lease another!

The cost of leasing a car depends on various factors, including your estimated annual mileage, the deposit you’d like to pay, your lease contract type, your credit score and the car you choose. We have cheap personal lease deals starting from as low as £99 a month, usually smaller city cars or hatchbacks. Or if you have a bigger budget, some of our deals are £500+, which are higher-spec models. We’ll find you a deal whatever your budget.

It all depends on individual circumstances, but if you’re looking for a flexible way to drive a brand new car with lower monthly repayments and extras such as road tax, breakdown cover, warranty and delivery, then a personal lease vehicle could be the perfect option for you.

Your leasing application should only take a day or two to go through. However, if you’re leasing a brand new car, delivery time depends on the manufacturer. It can take anything up to six months for a brand new vehicle to be delivered, as it needs to be put into production. However, if the car of choice has been registered or in stock, application and delivery could take a week. While we don’t give any concrete promises on time, we do our utmost to get you on the road as quickly as possible. Alternatively, we can plan a lease, so you don’t go without a car when you return your current lease car or sell your old vehicle.

While it always helps to have a good credit score, it isn’t always necessary. We work with specialist bad credit lenders, so you could be accepted even if you have a low credit score. Try our leasing eligibility checker to determine whether you’re likely to be accepted for finance. If you can, explore ways you can increase your credit score to get a better rate.

Yes! You can lease a car with no deposit and avoid any payments towards your finance for 30 days. However, this will take your monthly payment up a little, but not to the point where it makes your lease unaffordable. If you can save a deposit, you’ll reduce your monthly payments and overall lease amount, but it isn’t compulsory.

If you decide to lease a new car, nationwide delivery and the first year’s road tax are included. However, if you choose a used vehicle, the cost of delivery and road tax are extra. We’ll calculate the delivery costs depending on your location. If you’d prefer not to pay for a delivery, you can pick up your car at our state-of-the-art dealership in Blackburn.

No, our standard lease deals don’t come with insurance included. We understand that leasing a car is a big commitment. We can offer GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance, a policy designed to provide you with financial protection should your vehicle be declared a total loss by your insurance company.

If you’re leasing a new car, you’ll have a manufacturer’s warranty (usually three years, but each manufacturer’s policies can be different). If you’ve chosen to rent an older vehicle, then we’ll add a three-month complimentary and comprehensive warranty giving you complete peace of mind, and we put all our used cars through our strict 172-point pre-purchase inspection, and we won’t lease a car that doesn’t pass it. We also offer maintenance packages for those that want a little bit of extra security.