Compare Car Leasing Deals

Compare Car Leasing Deals

Hippo has the most affordable lease deals without compromising on quality - you won't need to go anywhere else.

We'll find the right leasing deal for you! 🙌🏻

Why Use Hippo to Compare Car Leasing Deals?

  • We're all-inclusive - you won't be passed around various companies before your deal is complete.
  • Access different types of leasing - from contract purchase leasing to contract hire leasing.
  • Compare deals from our select panel of lenders - we'll find you the best car leasing deal.
  • Find deals for new and used cars, so you always get one within budget.
  • Use our service whether you're an individual or a business - we help everyone!
  • We won't judge you on your circumstances - we help people from various financial and credit backgrounds and offer bad credit and no deposit leasing.
  • Find a deal in minutes, no faffing around filling out endless forms.
  • Comparing Hippo car leasing deals is free, quick and easy. So let's get started!
We'll Arrange Everything for You

We'll Arrange Everything for You

Don't be concerned about getting passed around from company to company and never knowing the progress of your leasing deal. We deal with lenders, so you don't have to. Plus, we have a large in-house team of customer service agents, account managers and car preparation experts that will answer all of your questions.

Get Free, Impartial Advice

Get Free, Impartial Advice

We train our account managers to get the best deal for you - we won't try to upsell you a Lamborghini when you're after a Polo! We put you at the centre of the process, not selling a car or maximising a lease agreement. We ditch the sleazy car salesman approach and adopt a helpful, understanding method. Compare our deals and discover how we can help you get the car and lease you desire.

Compare Special Deals & Offers

We always take the time to ensure our deals are the most competitive, meaning we can offer the cheapest car leasing deals on new and used cars. What are you waiting for? Use our search function to find your next car!

See Our Special Offers

Compare Various Types of Leasing Deals

Leasing can often feel a little confusing with the various types of available (PCP, Contract Hire, Hire Purchase). We make it easy to compare different lease types by explaining what they are and who they suit, so you know you’re comparing the correct leasing deals.

How Does Leasing Work?
Compare New & Used Cars

Compare New &
Used Cars

Deciding whether to go new or used can be tricky when you’re trying to lease a car - which is why we offer both options. Driving a new car means you get the car in its best years, with all the modern features. Driving a used car means you get a modern vehicle at a fraction of the cost. You can decide by finding a car and comparing our lease deals.

New Car Deals
Used Car Deals
Compare Personal & Business Leasing Deals

Compare Personal &
Business Leasing Deals

We realise that people need cars for business and pleasure, so we offer leasing deals for personal use and business use. Whether you need a car for your weekend getaways, taking the kids to school or long-distance drives to your clients, we have a range of leasing deals for you to compare.

Personal Leasing Deals
Business Leasing Deals
Compare No Deposit & Bad Credit Leasing Deals

Compare No Deposit &
Bad Credit Leasing Deals

Some people worry they won’t be able to afford to lease a car because of no initial down payment or get rejected because they have a poor credit score. We aim to ease those worries by working with lenders who provide deals specifically for people with bad credit, and we allow customers to avoid deposits altogether so there are no unexpected upfront costs.

No Deposit Deals
Bad Credit Deals
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