At Hippo Leasing, we have over 4,000 automatic car leasing deals on our website at any one time. We find demand for automatic lease cars has grown massively in the noughties due to the well documented advantages of an automatic car as opposed to one with manual transmission.

A manual vehicle is fantastic for drivers who like to be have 100% control over their vehicle whereas an automatic has an element of automation with acceleration due to the torque converter always trying to move the vehicle forward.

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Why choose an automatic lease car?

  • They’re easier to drive in the sense that you don’t need to change gear during different speeds. Imagine a go kart, you have accelerate and brake as well as some other functions to put the vehicle into ‘R’ (reverse),‘D’ (drive) and ‘P’ (park).
  • Automatics typically produce a better miles per gallon as you don’t lose the fuel through gear changes and being in the ‘wrong’ gear.
  • Automatic cars are better in traffic. When it comes to stop and start consistently you wont find a better way to do it than in an automatic vehicle.
  • No stalling! It’s embarrassing and worrying as an early or uncomfortable driver under pressure that you will stall in crowded places or during traffic. No longer a problem if you consider an automatic.