The best new car lease deals under £300 per month

Date Posted 10th May 2024
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One of the best things about leasing is the amount of car you get for your money. And when it comes to new cars, there’s plenty of bang for your buck to be enjoyed at an affordable monthly rate, with loads of deals available under the £300 per month mark (including some rather special offers we’re going to talk about below).

Let’s get straight to it. Here are five of the best cheap car leasing deals from our new range that you won’t want to miss.

Suzuki Swift

Prices start from £139.99p/m

The Swift may be Suzuki’s smallest model, but it’s also its biggest seller and, as you can see from the price, a superb bargain option if you’re looking for a small car on a budget.

The launch of the newly facelifted Swift this year is something of a modern rarity as a supermini with exclusively internal combustion engine (ICE) options. While traditional small cars are on the backburner for many manufacturers, Suzuki has stuck to much of the same formula that has made its city runner so popular over the years.

Embodying the Japanese manufacturer’s ‘smaller, lighter, shorter, neater’ philosophy, the Swift’s lightweight build (it weighs under a tonne) makes it a fun drive akin to that of the now-discontinued Ford Fiesta. Throw in good performance/economy numbers, solid build quality throughout and decent levels of safety kit, and you have a brilliant ‘no frills’ supermini at an even better monthly rate.

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SEAT Ibiza

Prices start from £201.98p/m

A longstanding favourite in the supermini segment, the SEAT Ibiza is another quality everyday runner available at a pocket-friendly price. We’re now 40 years into the Ibiza’s run, and the latest fifth-generation model shows it’s still got plenty to offer.

As a beneficiary of VW Group membership, the Ibiza sits atop VW’s MQB A0 platform – the same underpinnings you get in other top market contenders like the VW Polo, Audi A1 and Skoda Fabia. Being in such esteemed company gets you a load of perks – a strong on-board tech package, a practically designed interior and an efficient economy range to name a few. Taking further inspiration from its bigger sibling up the production line, the SEAT Leon, there’s a decidedly ‘big car’ feel to the Ibiza despite its smaller profile.

A highly proven performer at a great price. What more could you want?

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Some alternatives you might like: Skoda Fabia, Audi A1, SEAT Arona

Peugeot 208

Prices start from £183.50p/m

Speaking of proven performers, the latest representative of Peugeot’s famous ‘20-‘ line, the second-generation 208, is not one you’re likely to miss rolling down the road. One of the more boldly designed superminis out there, the 208’s revised front end gives it arguably the best aesthetics in the segment, and there’s some impressive substance to go with it.

The interior package, headlined by a unique 3D instrument cluster and touchscreen infotainment system, is similarly flashy and a big upgrade on the previous 208. Complemented by an efficient engine range which doesn’t sacrifice driver enjoyment, the 208 ticks the key boxes you’re looking for in some style.

Peugeot is something of a master craftsman when it comes to small cars, so it should come as no surprise that the 208 offers superb value for money as a true standout supermini.

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Some alternatives you might like: Renault Clio, Citroen C3

Vauxhall Grandland

Prices start from £234.28p/m

The Grandland is the biggest member of Vauxhall’s crossover SUV family that also features the Mokka and Crossland. The trio have offered a fresh lease of life for the British manufacturer in the market’s most crowded segment, and the 2022 makeover of all three models has brought them right up to speed with the best in the crossover class.

The Grandland is very much a Vauxhall proposition. Well built, well equipped and sensibly thought out. You get plenty of space for family travel, and economy is solid across the range. Where it stands out is in the design department, with the post-makeover ‘Vizor’ front end that adorns all new Vauxhalls giving it a sleek, contemporary look that offers a rather cool cover to an otherwise practical operator.

It’s everything you need in a family car at a price you’ll like, too.

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Cupra Born

Prices start from £284.84p/m

Cupra’s arrival into the mainstream market over the last couple of years has been nothing short of spectacular. The former sporting wing of SEAT launched as its own marque back in 2018, with its first standalone model, the Formentor, taking the crossover market by storm upon its release in 2020.

The Born is the first EV from the super trendy Spanish manufacturer. It’s built on the same platform as the Volkswagen ID.3, but you’ll immediately notice an uptick in styling towards a sharper, sportier demeanour. A 6.6 second 0-62mph burst on the base model is plenty fast enough, and a single charge range that lies north of 250 miles makes it an excellent all-round electric hatchback in a beautifully presented package.

One of the better new EVs and an ultra-desirable pick for 2024, you won’t find it at our special offer price for long – so get in while you can.

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Some alternatives you might like: VW ID.3, Renault Megane E-Tech

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